Once a month, we feature one of our employees so you all can get to know our Sola team a little bit better.  Here's Meredith, from production.  Check out all her cool tattoos!

What is your role at Sola Wood Flowers and how long have you been here?
A: I'm the production lead, and I've been here about 7 months!

Where are you from, where were you born?
A: I was born in Nevada.  Military brat, so I traveled all over.

Do you have any kids or pets?
A: I have three little girls.  One of them has a flower named after her, the Coco flower!  Back in January, she had RSV and was lifeflighted and put on life support.  Meagan released a new flower, named it after my daughter, and for a little white donated proceeds from that flower to us to help pay for her lifeflight bill.

What is something you think our customers don't realize about the production department?
A: Probably the amount of single flowers we have to count in one day, each and every day.  Yesterday, I had an order with 468 of one single flower!  Not even including the other flowers on her order, and not including any of the other orders I had to pick.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?
A: I have bees tattooed on my knees, so I am literally the bee's knees!

Where is the coolest place you've traveled to?
A: Juneau, Alaska.  There's a lot of history and really cool places to explore.  Shrine of St Therese is a church out on the water made of cobblestones, very cool place.

What is your favorite part of your job?
A: Probably the people I work with.  We have the most diverse people I've ever worked with;  we're all so different but we're like a little family, a very tight knit group.

What is your favorite sola product?
A: It's a toss up between the Star Wars daily deal we have recently, and the Betsy print.  I don't even really like cows so I know know what it is, but it's just so cute!

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