Custom Small Bouquet

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DIY or Build It For You?

Do it yourself. Save big and craft it yourself! We have tutorials that make it easy.
Our expert florists make the perfect product. Pick the colors you want, sit back, and relax and let us do the work for you.

We Build it for you!
NOTE: Adds up to 14 business days of production time because we custom build the product for you. We strongly recommend ordering ASAP as wait times will increase as we go into the busy season!

Choose Your Assortment

Mixed Flowers (No Bark + Bark Flowers)
Small Bouquet Assortment - Bark - Sola Wood Flowers
No Bark Flowers
Small Bouquet Assortment - No Bark - Sola Wood Flowers

Choose Your Filler

Baby's Breath (Champagne)
Baby's Breath Champagne 1/4 - Sola Wood Flowers
Baby's Breath (White)
Baby's Breath (White) 1/4 - Sola Wood Flowers
Broom Bloom - Green
Broom Bloom Green 1/4 - Sola Wood Flowers
Boxwood Greenery
Boxwood Greenery 1/3 - Sola Wood Flowers
Lavender 1/4 - Sola Wood Flowers
Salal - Green (Preserved)
Custom Salal - Green 1/5 - Sola Wood Flowers
Bunny Tails (Natural)
Custom Bunny Tails Natural 1/5 - Sola Wood Flowers
Satin Washed Eucalyptus - Kelly Green
Custom Satin Washed Eucalyptus - Kelly Green 1/5 - Sola Wood Flowers
Tortum Female (Natural Green)
Custom Tortum Female Natural Green 1/4 - Sola Wood Flowers
Leather Leaf - Green
Leatherleaf 1/5 - Sola Wood Flowers
Willow Eucalyptus - Green
Custom Willow Eucalyptus Green 1/5 - Sola Wood Flowers
Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus - Green
Custom Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus - Green 1/2 - Sola Wood Flowers
Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus - Plum/Purple
Custom Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus - Plum/Purple 1/2 - Sola Wood Flowers
Seeded Willow Eucalyptus - Plum/Purple
Custom Seeded Willow Eucalyptus Plum/Purple 1/5 - Sola Wood Flowers

Leave Raw or Dye all

Leave Some Flowers Raw (recommended)
Leave Raw or Dye All - Sola Wood Flowers
Dye All Of My Flowers
Leave Raw or Dye All - Sola Wood Flowers

Choose Your Bouquet Handle

Wire Stems + Jute Twine
Bouquet Grass + Jute Twine
Bouquet Grass - Sola Wood Flowers

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Create your own stunning custom bouquet. Choose from 50+ color options, and even choose your own filler! 

We will build it for you or you can DIY it! 

This bouquet will be one of a kind and absolutely beautiful. 

If You Choose DIY Your Kit Will Include : 

  • 15 Sola Wood Flowers (The flowers you receive will vary based off the assortment that you choose. The flower styles may vary based on inventory availability. The amount of flowers will remain the same.)
  • Wire Stems
  • Filler (of your choice or no filler) 
  • Bouquet Grass (if you choose)
  • 1-5 1oz Bottles Of Wood Flower Dye (choose your colors)

If You Choose Build It For Me : 

  • You will receive a finished bouquet that includes the 15 flowers dyed the colors of your choice, filler, and bouquet grass - depending on the options selected. 

It is recommended that you add raw (undyed) flowers to your bouquet. Adding raw (undyed) flowers to the bouquet will help to make the dye choices you select stand out more. 

Bouquet Details 

Bouquet 1 - The colors used in this bouquet are Mauve, Merlot, Wheat and Raw (No Dye). The filler used is Boxwood Greenery. The handle for this bouquet is jute twine without bouquet grass. 

Bouquet 2 - The colors used in this bouquet are Frosted Mulberry, Sky Blue, and Raw (No Dye). The filler used is lavender. The handle for this bouquet is bouquet grass + jute twine. 

Bouquet 3 - The colors used in this bouquet are Country Red, Sky Blue, and Raw (No Dye). The fillers used are Blueberry Juniper, and Baby's Breath Bleached. The handle for this bouquet is bouquet grass + jute twine. 

Bouquet 4 - The colors used in this bouquet are Watermelon, Eggplant, and Raw (No Dye). The fillers used are Baby's Breath Bleached, and Broom Bloom. The handle is jute twine. 


Please note - images are for illustration purposes only. Flower styles may vary based on inventory availability. The amount of flowers will remain the same. 

If you choose Build It For Me - Please be aware that there will be an extended production time before shipping. This is to accommodate for the time it takes to dye the flowers, dry the flowers, and build the bouquet. 

If Build It For Me is selected, the APPROXIMATE dimensions for your finished bouquet are as follows -
Height - Approximately 8.5" - 10.5"
Width - Approximately 5.5" - 6.5"

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Do you love the look of our wood flower arrangements but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? If so, you can create a Custom Small Bouquet that is entirely personalized and unique to fit your vision for your floral arrangement. With this Custom Small Bouquet, you can choose everything from your flower colors to your greenery types. You’ll love how your personalized bouquet will turn out!

You can order a Custom Small Bouquet by choosing which flower assortment you’d like. You can choose a Mixed Flowers assortment, which includes wood flowers with and without bark details. You can also choose a No Bark Flowers Assortment which includes creamy, natural flowers without any bark details. Next, choose from a few of our artificial/preserved floral filler types. You can choose between Champagne Sparkle Baby’s Breath, Blueberry Juniper, Lavender, Boxwood Greenery, White Baby’s Breath, Leather Leaf, and Broom Bloom Green. Finally, you’ll need to choose three dye colors. Check out our dye color gallery for examples! For finishing touches, choose between bouquet handle options, and add Sola Softener for soft, flexible, damage-resistant flowers.

Do you love to make DIY floral arrangements or love a good crafting challenge? If so, click our “Do It Yourself” option and you’ll receive all of the floral pieces and supplies necessary to create a gorgeous, unique bouquet. If you’d rather rely on the expertise of our floral designers, click our “Build it For Me” option. Our floral designers will use all of your selected options to create your Custom Small Bouquet and it will be shipped in bouquet form to your doorstep!

Note: The displayed pictures show examples of possible outcomes of our Custom Small Bouquets. You need to choose your own floral options for your arrangement, and they might not look exactly like the bouquets pictured.


Our craft kits are the perfect way for beginners and experienced crafters alike to jump into a sola wood project. If you’re new to crafting with sola, they come with just about everything you need to get started.

Be sure to explore the entire craft kit collection as we offer a variety of fun projects! If you’re after a specific type of craft kit, just use our awesome search function or visit the specific category using our filters to discover our sola bouquet craft kits, centerpiece kits, or home decor kits!

PS if you’re after bridal craft kits, check out our bridal section!

Our master team of florists will build handcraft for you!

Simply select the "Build It For Me" option on the product page, and we'll take care of the rest.

Each order is custom built for you. This means we dye everything in the colors you pick, then use greenery and sola wood flowers that make the final product beautiful and cohesive.

Note - picking this option will add production time to your order, which is viewable as red text when you click the Build It For Me option. We do have an expedited option available at checkout. This production time is because everything is custom built just for you!

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Terri Meade
Wedding day

Loved how you can decorate and make your own style and create an amazing bouquet

Kendall Harding
Small Bouquet

I am so excited and can not wait to have the flowers for my wedding day, the picture's online do not do them justice, they are stunning!!!

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