Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ page updated: 7/25/17

 Q:  What makes Sola Wood Flowers different from other companies?

A:  At Sola Wood Flowers, our flowers go through a rigorous quality control inspection checking for shape, size and color.  Our flowers are packaged safely for shipping ensuring the best quality possible.  We only sell flowers that we have in stock and ready to ship which means you get your flowers faster than you thought possible.  Another quality that sets us apart from others is the fact that we custom dye our sola wood flowers for you or give you the option to dye your flowers at home.  We also offer wholesale accounts for small businesses and we support our small business crafters who are able to join us in this journey of entrepreneurship.  With Sola Wood Flowers, you get the touch of a small business and a hands-on owner, mixed with the speed and quality you'd expect from a much larger company.  We invite you to follow our owner's personal Facebook page or our secret Facebook group as we show you a behind the scenes look of running this small business that is cherished by her founder and its employees.  

Q:  Can I get my order shipped faster?

A:  To simplify our order and shipping process, we only offer flat rate shipping (DHL) or 3-5 business day USPS Priority shipping. See our shipping options here.  

If you want to get your order faster you can add the VIP treatment to your cart to get your order bumped to the front of the line. Your order will be put ahead of all other orders and processed first. Please note, VIP treatment only affects processing time (the time it takes for your order to go through production, which is typically 1-10 business days), it does not affect your shipping time. 

Q: Can I combine my orders so that I can get free shipping? 

A: Once an order is placed it is final and cannot be combined or modified. Read more about placing orders and cancellations/refunds on our terms & conditions page. 

Q:  How can I track my package?

A: DHL packages can be tracked through  If you are still having a hard time tracking your package, email 

Q: How do I sign up for the rewards program? 

A: It's true! We have a customer appreciation program that allows you to earn points on every online order. You first need to create an account and from there you will automatically be enrolled in the rewards program. From your account you will be able to view your previous orders, points accumulated and points redeemed. 

Q: Can I combine my rewards program codes into one code? 

When you are ready to make a purchase with your SWF Bucks our software will create a special code for you. Once this code is created it cannot be combined with any other code. 

Q:  Can I make a custom color request?

A:  At this time we do not accept custom color requests.  However, you can purchase dye on the "supply page"  to create your own custom colors.  Try mixing colors, or use less water for more bold colors or more water for a more subtle color.  To see dye colors, visit the color gallery.

Q: Do you make custom bouquets? 

A: We do not make any bouquets, home decor items, centerpieces or stemmed flowers of any kind. We sell the raw product, loose flowers and DIY craft supplies for you to create them at home yourself :)

Q: Do you sell your flowers on stems?

A: We only sell loose flowers. We do not currently sell our products on stems. We do however, sell the stems on our site in bamboo or wire. Adding a stem to your flower is very simple and you can find tutorials for how to do so on YouTube. 

Q: What size/quantity of flowers do you recommend for making bouquets? 

A: For a smaller bouquet we would recommend around 20, 2-4" flowers and for a larger bouquet anywhere from 25-30, 2-4" flowers.  

Q:  Where can I see color options and how do I order dyed flowers?

A:  Color swatches can be found here. Screens/monitors will make colors vary slightly and since each flower is hand dyed, no two batches will be perfectly identical. We also cannot color match colors for products purchased from other companies.

We sell raw flowers for you to dye yourself or you can purchase pre-dyed flowers. When adding a pre-dyed flower to your shopping cart, you are given the option in a drop-down box to select the color of your choice.  One color per dozen.  No exceptions. Please note that purchasing a pre-dyed product extends the processing/shipping time for your ENTIRE order.

*Dyed Product Disclaimer*

Our flowers come in 44 standard colors. You can expect the colors to vary slightly to what you see on our website (every computer screen/phone displays color differently). Since every flower is hand dyed, no two batches will be perfectly identical. We also cannot color match for products purchased from other companies. In the event that you are not satisfied with your color, we suggest purchasing a can of spray paint in the desired color and LIGHTLY spraying the flowers.

Upon receiving any dyed product, promptly remove your flowers from the sealed packaging. Our products are an organic material--they are not foam, therefore they WILL mold if left contained for an extended period of time. Dyed product takes a number of days to completely dry. We wait as long as possible to ship our dyed product (so that you get your order as quickly as possible) however, sometimes that means moisture may still be present. We will not reship orders for moldy flowers that have remained sealed in their original packaging.               

Q:  Can I call to place an order or ask a question?

Phone line coming soon!  

A:  Sola Wood Flowers is a company that believes hard work produces results.  Everyone at our production warehouse is working around the clock to get your order out.  By opening up phone lines, we slow down production.  Our customer service reps interact with customers via email and Facebook messenger.  By limiting our customer interaction to email and Facebook messenger, we are able to take a more organized approach to addressing customer concerns.  In return, we promise that we will answer all questions and inquiries within 24 hours.  

For all questions, email

Q:  Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A:  We do!  Fill out our wholesale application on our website and email to  A tax I.D. number is required and minimum opening orders are $500.  

Q:  Are you affiliated with Eco Flower?

A:  I was the original founder of Eco Flower.  In fact, you can see me represent the company in Season 8 of the TV series Shark Tank.  At the end of 2016, I decided to go my own way and start Sola Wood Flowers.  The two companies do not interact with each other.  My new company has its own warehouse, dying center, fulfillment, management team, customer service department, marketing, and shipping center.  If you purchase a product from Eco Flower, it does not come from Sola Wood Flowers.  When you purchase from Sola Wood Flowers, the order does not route through Eco Flower.   

Any loose flower orders placed with Eco Flower will not be fulfilled by Sola Wood Flowers and vice versa. Eco Flower coupon codes and gift cards also do not apply towards Sola Wood Flower purchases. They are two completely separate companies.

Q:  How long will it take to get my order/where's my order?

A:  At Sola Wood Flowers, we don't pre-sell our products.  Everything you see on the site is in stock and ready to ship.  Once it sells out, you can expect to see it return to the site in 1-4 weeks. 


When you place your order, it goes through production (fluffing, bagging, quality control, moisture removal, dying, etc.).  The production process takes 1-10 business days (depending on order size, dyed flowers, paper flowers, how busy we are...). AFTER your order goes through production, it then is transferred to our shipping department where your shipping selection is applied to your order.  

All orders will make it through production within 1-10 business days.  After production, it will then go to shipping which can take 1-14 business days depending on the shipping service you choose at checkout.  

Please keep in mind, if an order contains any dyed product, the entire order will be held up until the dying portion is complete. If you would like your raw product sooner, we recommend placing separate orders.

We are a small, family-owned business. Please refrain from requesting order updates unless your shipping cut-off time is nearing. Requesting updates slows production, therefore extending shipping times. Read more about our shipping & production policy on our terms & conditions page. 

Q:  Can local customers come into the Utah location?

A:  Our storefront location is at 1255 W. 2550 S. Ogden UT, 84401. The shop is open to the public Mondays: 1-5:30pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays: 9:00am-12pm & 1-5:30pm (employees at lunch from 12pm-1pm). ONLINE SALE COUPONS, DISCOUNTS & SALES ARE NOT APPLICABLE IN STORE.

If you do come to the store front, please be respectful of our production team. Stay up front and don't venture into the back area. We have dogs in the shop. If you are afraid of dogs, please order online. Also, try not to get too detailed with your order. The store is set up as a grab-and-go shop. Right now, we can't make custom wood items, custom colors, go hunting for out of stock flowers...keep your requests reasonable so that we can move quickly and keep serving our online customers in a timely manner.

Q:  Do I have to buy one dozen of each flower?  Can't I mix and match shapes and colors?

A:  At this time, we can't split up our flower packages.  It delays production and can cause your order to arrive incorrect.  Unless specified in the product description, flowers are sold by the dozen, half dozen, or individually (giant flowers). 

Q: I purchased an item at full price and now it's on sale! Can I get a refund for the difference?

A: Please see our Terms & Conditions page. 

Q: Do you offer gift cards?

A: We do! See them in our shop here. Please keep in mind that discount codes cannot be used when purchasing a gift card.

Q: My coupon code isn't applying to the entire cart. 

A: Coupon codes do not apply to clearance, sale items or Scratch N' Dent items unless specified otherwise.