Blueberry Juniper

Are you looking for a realistic, versatile piece of evergreen greenery for your floral crafts? If so, this Blueberry Juniper While the classic evergreen color and texture of this greenery might make you think that it is only fit for a holiday-inspired arrangement, the small, delicate blueberries will say otherwise. This Blueberry Juniper would look beautiful in any arrangement, no matter what time of year it may be. For example, you can pair this Blueberry Juniper with some light pastel-colored flowers and you can make a lovely spring wreath. This Blueberry Juniper would also look beautiful in a summer wedding with some bright wood blooms and romantic greenery. You could also pair this Blueberry Juniper with some red and green craft floral filler for a cheery holiday look.

This Blueberry Juniper greenery is sold in a 6 oz bunch and features evergreen shrub-like foliage with faded blueberries. You can buy various bunches of the Blueberry Juniper to make a holiday garland or wreath. You can also pair this Blueberry Juniper with other types of greenery to create an all-green, natural assortment. Of course, this Blueberry Juniper will always look beautiful when paired with our various Sola Wood Flower assortments.

Please note that the finished floral arrangement pictures that are shown here are merely examples of how you could use our Blueberry Juniper in an arrangement. When you order this product, you will only receive the Blueberry Juniper. To pair this lovely artificial evergreen sprig with some wood flowers, shop our Sola Wood Flower assortments.