Custom Large Bouquet

Make Your Own Bouquet!

Do you have an upcoming party, event, or wedding that simply won’t be the same without some gorgeous flower arrangements? Are you looking for a beautiful and affordable custom bouquet? If so, Sola Wood Flowers’ Custom Large Bouquet is perfect for you. With our custom bouquets, you can choose “build-it-for-me” and have our florist create and send you your bouquet, or you can choose to DIY your own bouquet. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of floral experience. You can follow some tutorials on our website for our best tips!

High-Quality Artificial Flower's

This artificial flower bouquet is made of the highest quality wood flowers and can be custom-dyed to match a large variety of stylish shades. No matter how unique your desired color scheme may be for your bouquet, you’ll be able to find a style that will match your vision. When creating your custom bouquet, take some time to look through the assortment type, you can select from our mixed assortment that contains bark and no-bark flowers, perfect if you prefer a more rustic style bouquet. Otherwise you can select the no-bark flower assortment if you like the look of traditional flowers.  

Large Custom Bouquet Greenery

Next, you’ll need to choose the greenery you want in your bouquet. We have several options and recommend that you select more than one. Lastly, you can select up to five color options to truly make your wedding bouquet unique to you. Remember if you select the ‘build-it-for-me” options our team will prep, dye and assemble your bouquet for you.  

 Soon enough, your trendy, customized bouquet will be on its way to your house! No matter what type of florals you choose, you won’t believe how beautiful your custom bouquet will turn out!