Leather Leaf - Green

This Leather Leaf Greenery is one of our most popular types of greenery. This Leather Leaf has been carefully dried and preserved to be a long-lasting greenery product while still showing off its vibrant green color. With its delicate, fern-like leaves, full volume, and dramatic profile, this dried, green Leather Leaf is perfect for all sorts of floral arrangements. Whether you’re making a nature-inspired wreath, a boho wedding bouquet, a holiday centerpiece, a voluminous event arbor, or a tropical greenery backdrop, this stunning Leather Leaf will work wonders for you.

If you’ve ever bought live greenery, you’ll know it can be frustrating to deal with wilty greenery when you’re trying to complete a floral arrangement. Instead, when you use this dried, preserved Leather Leaf greenery, your arrangement will look fresh and beautiful for years to come. The intricate textures of this Leather Leaf greenery can be paired perfectly with our preserved floral fillers and wood flowers for a gorgeous-looking arrangement that will be long-lasting. You can create everything from unique, gorgeous bouquets to nature-inspired home decor pieces that your guests will love. Best of all, you’ll be able to store and use your floral decorations over and over.

When you order this green Leather Leaf, you’ll receive ten pieces of greenery. While these pieces are quite voluminous, keep in mind the amount of greenery that you’ll need to complete your floral arrangement or craft project. This will help you to order sufficient amounts of greenery. Please note that upon ordering this product, you will only be receiving Leather Leaf greenery. The flowers pictured here are only meant to provide examples of how you could use this greenery in a floral arrangement.