Tissue paper flowers. 5 pack.

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Tissue paper flowers for your next event or home decor project!  Each flower measures approx 10 inches in diameter.  Flower arrives flat and can be easily assembled with one pull of a string and a little fluffing.  Available in three colors.  This product comes directly from the manufacturer and will arrive in a separate box.  Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  




How To Use:



·    Ensure the ribbon is centered along the length of paper. 



·    Pull on each point of paper at one end of tissue, fluffing each point to the center of the ball.



·    Hold party ball by ribbon. So as the fluffed part of ball is upside down and start to fluff all points of the other half of the ball. Once this step is finished, you will have a full arty ball and you can hanging this where you like by the ribbon.