The Fighter Assortment

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To me, the fight is two fold. On one hand,it's about fighting the disease. It is about having, and spreading self-awareness, and the courage to speak up and ask for help when something is wrong. 

On the other hand it is women who fight through the darkest of times, and manage to smile. The women who put on their favorite dress, and tie a scarf around their head where hair once was. The women headed to their next chemo appointment while blaring the Carrie Underwood song "I Am A Champion", and singing at the top of their lungs.  

This is what others have to say about what "The Fight" means to them. 

 "To me, the fight means empowerment, resilience, being courageous enough to believe each person can make a difference, and refusing to accept anything less." 


"The fight is a force of humanity coming together to overcome something that seems unconquerable. It might take a while, but humans have overcome challenges of great magnitude in the past. The most important part is that all of us stick together, carry those who can't walk, lift the burden from those who can't stand, and inspire hope in those who have none." 


"To me,the fight against breast cancer is about those who are living with or have been affected by the disease, but have chosen bravery and courage instead of letting the disease win." 


This assortment contains a variety of flowers ranging in size from 1.5" - 3". Dyed assortments are perfect for bouquets, centerpieces or any other home decor projects. 

In stock and ready to ship! 

The colors used in this assortment are Raisin, Raspberry, Flamingo Pink, Pink Lemonade, and Raw. 

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