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Bouquet Kit Add On

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Easily turn any sola wood flowers assortment into a lovely bouquet with this add-on kit!  It comes with everything you need to make a complete bouquet featuring a twine-covered handle.


  • 30 wire stems
  • bouquet grass
  • 5 feet of twine

$22 value if purchased separately. Discounts do not apply.

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Do you love the look of our Sola Wood Flower assortments but are wondering how to turn our gorgeous flower heads into stunning bouquets? You can easily transform any wood flower pack into a stunning bouquet or floral arrangement by purchasing this bouquet crafting kit. This Bouquet Kit Add-On is packed with all of the floral arrangement essentials that you’ll need to create a unique and long-lasting bouquet. If you don’t have a lot of floral design experience and are a little intimidated by the prospect of making your own bouquet, check out this tutorial!

This Bouquet Kit Add-On includes all of the pieces that you will need to pair with our flower assortments in order to make a complete bouquet. This kit contains 30 wire stems, bouquet grass, 5 feet of bouquet twine.

The wire stems can easily be attached to your flower heads using some hot glue. Check out this tutorial for help on stemming your flowers. Once you’ve stemmed your flower heads, attach some bouquet grass to the wire stems with floral tape for a more realistic look. Then you can finish off your bouquet by wrapping the stems with bouquet twine and tying it off nicely. You’ll love how your long-lasting, damage-resistant flowers look in bouquet form!

Note: You’ll receive a great discount if you purchase this bouquet crafting kit with a pack of wood flowers. If you purchase it separately, it has a $22 value and will not include any discounts.

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Julie Jacobs

I absolutely love the look and the ease of working with sola flowers. I have made my daughter's wedding bouquet and will be making the rest of the wedding partys.

Kindall Calhoun
Great customer service and cute flowers

I ordered their trial packs so I could see a variety of colors for options for my wedding. One of the trial packs was missing from my package. I contacted sola wood and their response was very quick and they gave me two options- have the items missing sent again or a refund (of store credit I believe). The missing pack was the pack I was most expecting to use for my wedding so I had them re-ship it and they matched up perfectly to my color scheme. I’ll be ordering larger flower sizes soon to make our bouquets!

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