Pine Cone Flowers (one dozen)

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These pine cone flowers are naturally shaped by the deodar cedar tree.  Flowers measure 1.0-2.5 inches in diameter.  They are great for crafts, weddings, bouquet making, wreaths, or gift giving.  The back of the flower has a hole in it making it easy to attach a stem.  Sometime, the hole isn't visible and you need to cut back the wood with scissors or wire cutters to reveal the hole.  

They have been treated with a clear coat spray helping them stay together and keep the bugs away.  These flowers are somewhat fragile.  Occasionally, they will "shed" during delivery.  If your flowers shed a layer of wood, don't be startled.  They are not considered broken.  Simply throw away the loose petals in the bag, the rest of the flower will be okay.  


Sold by the dozen.