Wood Flower Dye - 4oz*

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Take a peek at our dye options gallery and you'll be surprised at how many colors we came up with to dye your sola wood flowers in!

Easy to follow instructions to dye your own flowers at home using a cereal bowl and tap water can be found here.  Also, for another dyeing instruction with the SOFTENER click here.

A 4-ounce bottle will color up to 200 flowers (depending upon the desired vibrance of color).

Click here to see our dye color options.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that paint can freeze. If the area you live in has freezing temperatures, your wood flower dye may freeze during shipping, causing permanent damage to its consistency and quality.

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Customer Reviews

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Samantha Wilson

These flowers are absolutely beautiful! Highly recommend!

Monica Sibbing
Curated Sets

I love the benefits of buying the sets of paint- I theme my bouquets I sell in my shop after them. There's nothing better than buying an assortment of flowers and chosing which ones to dip into a particular dye. Buying cheap acrylic paint bottles may work (I do it myself when I need to be sure of a color) but store bought paints lack a certain depth the dyes offer. To get the last of the dye out of the bottles I fill halfway with Sola softener and water, shake, then repeat as necessary to get as much out as possible.