Experiment Custom Cascade Bouquet - SWF DEV

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Create your own stunning custom bouquet. Choose from 50+ color options, and even choose your own filler! 

We will build it for you or you can DIY it! 

This bouquet will be one of a kind and absolutely beautiful. 

If You Choose DIY Your Kit Will Include : 

  • 45 Sola Wood Flowers (The flowers you receive will vary based off the assortment that you choose. The flower styles may vary based on inventory availability. The amount of flowers will remain the same.)
  • Wire Stems
  • Filler (of your choice or no filler) 
  • Bouquet Grass (if you choose)
  • 1-5 1oz Bottles Of Wood Flower Dye (choose your colors)

If You Choose Build It For Me : 

  • You will receive a finished bouquet that includes the 45 flowers dyed the colors of your choice, filler, and bouquet grass - depending on the options selected. 

It is recommended that you add raw flowers (undyed) to your bouquet. Adding raw flowers (undyed) to the bouquet will help to make the dye choices you select stand out more. 

Please note the DIY selection will come as a craft kit and is not a finished product. The build it for me selection will come as a finished product already assembled. The finished product in the example is for inspiration only, Flower types and sizes may vary depending on inventory availability.

Please note - Our caspia filler is from the limonium family. It does have a natural musky odor. To lessen the scent keep in a well ventilated area before using. 

If you choose Build It For Me - Please be aware that there will be an extended production time before shipping. This is to accommodate for the time it takes to dye the flowers, dry the flowers, and build the bouquet. 

If Build It For Me is selected, the APPROXIMATE dimensions for your finished bouquet are as follows -
18" L x 12" W x 12" H 

Bouquet Details:

Bouquet 1: The colors pictured in this example are Powder Pink, White Wedding, Mauve & Hazelnut.

Bouquet 2: The colors pictured in this example are Powder Pink, White Wedding & Lemon Drop. 

Bouquet 3: The colors pictured in this example are Dusty Blue, Grey Goat Blue, White Wedding & Blue. 

Bouquet 4: The colors pictured in this example are White Wedding, Hazelnut & Wheat.


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