Scent for wood flowers

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Do you want your flowers to smell as beautiful as they look?  Purchase our fragrance oils and apply them to flowers for an added effect.  Scent lasts 3-6 months.  There is enough oil in the vial to scent hundreds of flowers or reapply scent to a small order of flowers several times over.  

Scent comes with an instruction card on how to apply to flower and one eye dropper.

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Black Raspberry Vanilla has a soft, luscious fragrance reminiscent of a smooth blend of sweet berries and creamy vanilla.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Japanese Cherry Blossom has an oriental, clean, fresh scent with aquatic nuances and subtle sweetness reminiscent of plum blossoms.

Key Lime Pie

Cool and refreshing key lime, vanilla whipped cream and a graham cracker crust. 

Babylon Night

An exotic mix of full-bodied romantic eastern notes, sweet white florals, honeysuckle and frangipani leading to a core of herbs and all-spice, spice tea and vanilla bean.


Sun kissed frangipanis, plumerias, freesias straight from the tropics. 

Autumn Lodge

Cedar and oak delicately tempered with cinnamon, bayberry, and other fall-like spice faves.