RAW - 10" Wesley (Sold Individually)

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The 10 inch flower is the largest sola wood flower available in the world.  The Wesley is our most rustic flower offered in this size.  This flower is very similar to our Aurora flower, but when this flower was made the skin of the wood was left in tact, making it a VERY sturdy flower that is difficult to chip/break.  I highly recommend it for wall decor, wedding back drops, and centerpiece displays because of it's strength and endurance.

The back of the flower is very soft and you can easily add a bamboo or wire stem to the back of the for easy arranging.  This flower is heavier than most wood flowers, so a very thick stem or even multiple stems would be best for adding support to this big beauty.  

Scent can be purchased on our website to give your flowers a beautiful smell.  

Sold individually.