Tiger's Eye

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Sold by the dozen.  Tigers eye is a very sturdy flower great for sola wood flower bouquets, centerpiece boxes, or craft projects.  Sola wood is derived from a tropical plant known as a tapioca plant.

*Dyed Product Disclaimer*

Our flowers come in 44 standard colors. You can expect the colors to vary slightly to what you see on our website (every computer screen/phone displays color differently). Since every flower is hand dyed, no two batches will be perfectly identical. We also cannot color match for products purchased from other companies. In the event that you are not satisfied with your color, we suggest purchasing a can of spray paint in the desired color and LIGHTLY spraying the flowers.

Upon receiving any dyed product, promptly remove your flowers from the sealed packaging. Our products are an organic material--they are not foam, therefore they WILL mold if left contained for an extended period of time. Dyed product takes a number of days to completely dry. We wait as long as possible to ship our dyed product (so that you get your order as quickly as possible) however, sometimes that means moisture may still be present. We will not reship orders for moldy flowers that have remained sealed in their original packaging. 

Finished Product By: Michelle Alvord