Looking for affordable and unique ways to personalize your wedding details? DIYing your wedding flowers is a fun and great way to add your own special touch to your big day.

Keep your groom and squad looking sharp and dashing with boutonnieres made of Sola Wood Flowers. We have prepared video and written tutorials to guide you in your DIY crafting journey. 

Floral Supplies and Tools Needed


STEP 1: Dye the Sola Wood Flowers

Check this How To Dye Sola Wood Flowers tutorial. You will learn the basic steps of using sola dye to color the flowers.

STEP 2: Stem the Sola Wood Flowers

Apply hot glue to the tip of the floral wire. Carefully push into the base of the flower and hold for a second. You may also add glue at the bottom of the flower then poke through it using the wire. 

Learn how to stem sola wood flowers like a pro in this Tutorial.

STEP 3: Start Crafting the Boutonniere

Put together the two stemmed mini sola flowers and arrange them with varying heights. The bunch will be the focal point of your arrangement. Wrap the stems with floral tape.

Add in the fillers starting at the back of the flowers working your way to the  sides.

Arrange the fillers in layers to give more texture and depth. Secure the stem with floral tape.

Cut the excess stems. Ideally, the final stem length should not be more than two inches nor less than an inch.

STEP 4: Wrap the Stem with Burlap Twine

Squeeze a dab of glue slightly above the topmost part of the floral tape. Stick the burlap twine then twist and wrap until the stem is fully covered. Secure the end with hot glue.

STEP 5: Insert the Boutonniere Pin to the Stem 

Success! The boutonniere is ready for pinning.