How To Care For Sola Wood Flowers - Sola Wood Flowers

How To Care For Sola Wood Flowers

The beauty of Sola Wood Flowers can be enjoyed for years depending on how we take care of them. To keep them at their best, it’s important to clean and store them properly. This guide will definitely help.

Prepare your Cleaning and Storage Supplies

Small soft-bristle paintbrush

Air Duster 

Hair blower on low temperature 

Microfiber cloth

Airtight containers

Silica gel packets


How To Clean Sola Wood Flowers

Step 1. Set a Schedule for Cleaning

Clean and care for your sola wood flowers weekly to keep dirt from building up. The frequency of cleaning varies based on your location and weather conditions.

Step 2. Dusting

a. Use a feather duster or a soft-tipped brush

Start brushing surfaces gently from the top to remove any dirt

b. Use an air duster or hair dryer set on low

Try to keep it at least  12-inchs  away from your flowers when using air spray or a hair dryer

c. Use  a Microfiber cloth 

How To Store Sola Wood Flowers

Proper storage helps keep your sola wood flowers clean and in the best shape. Here are tips to preserve their beauty and realism for years. 

STEP 1.Choose your storage area

Keep them away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or 24-hour interior lights

Avoid storage areas with humidity above 70%

STEP 2.Clean before storing

Make sure the flowers are clean and completely dry before storing

STEP 3. Use a durable storage container

To protect your flowers from mold development, it is essential to employ a durable storage container. Customers can choose between an airtight container, ensuring that all moisture is completely removed before sealing, or a non-airtight container.

Regardless of the container type, the critical factor is to guarantee the total absence of moisture to prevent the formation of molds. By keeping your flowers dry and moisture-free, you can effectively maintain their freshness and beauty over time!

STEP 4. Space items properly when packing

Determine the right quantity in every container to prevent your flowers from becoming squished.

When necessary, use separate containers for each arrangement to protect their shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How can I clean sola wood flowers that have mold?

Dip the flowers in a white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and water solution. Let them dry completely before storing them again, or using them to create arrangements.

2.   Some of my flowers have dark spots in them from mold. How can I spruce them up?

The trick is to repaint or re-dye them especially for light-colored flowers. However, you may need to top-coat with a darker color in order to totally cover the spots.