How To Reshape Sola Wood Flowers - Sola Wood Flowers

How To Reshape Sola Wood Flowers

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Two Ways to Reshape or Fluff Sola Wood Flowers

Reshape Raw Sola Wood Flowers

If your flowers have been in storage for quite some time, or they were smooshed in transit, you may need to fluff them up to enhance the look. Getting them back into shape shouldn’t be a problem. I'm going to show you how to "fluff" or reshape your Sola Wood Flowers with just one important element, water.

All you need is just a little bit of warm water! Use a bowl of warm water and place the flower in just enough to get it damp. You don't want your flower to be completely soaked, so a quick dip will do.

You can also use a small spray bottle to moisten your flowers. Just spray the petals a few times to get them damp and pliable, then you're ready to fluff!

Start by carefully peeling back the petals starting with the outermost layer, continue until all of the petals have been peeled back. Keep in mind that some of the flowers may look squished however they may be designed as flower buds, in that case you can turn them into a full bloom sola wood flower by fluffing.

Reshape While Dyeing 

If you are dyeing your flowers, you can also "fluff" them once they have been wet from your dye mixture. 

Holding the bloom by the base, carefully submerge it into the paint mixture, flipping it over, rotating the bloom around so that you don’t miss any gaps or crevices between the petals. 

At this point, the sola wood flower has softened and has become more pliable. It’s easier now to shape the flattened ones. Lightly fan out the petals and fluff to fully open up the blooms. 

Sometimes flowers that you have dyed previously may flatten if not stored properly. You can still reshape them by either dunking in warm water or by using a water sprayer.

Once damp, carefully peel back the petals starting at the outermost layer, continue until all of the petals have been peeled back. You have now achieved a full bloom look.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Do I need to fluff the wood flowers before dyeing them?

You can simultaneously fluff and dye. Once the sola wood flower is wet with the dye or paint, that’s the perfect time to start reshaping the flowers. As you fan out the petals, parts that haven’t absorbed the dye are now exposed. You may need to re-dip the flowers to get all the corners painted.

2.   I ordered pre-dyed flowers and some arrived squished. Can I dip them in water? Will the dye run and make the color less vivid?

The dye sets permanently when dried. We experimented on submerging dyed flowers in water for a couple of minutes and the colors held pretty well. So yes, you can dip them in the water then fluff.