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Guide to 6 Types of Wedding Bouquets Using Sola Wood Flowers

The bridal bouquet is as iconic as the wedding dress and is one of the aspects of a wedding that brides love to design the  most. More and more brides are showing off their style through their bridal flowers. Here are 6 types of popular wedding bouquets that never go out of style. 

Which type of wedding bouquet will you carry down the aisle? Which type speaks to you and your wedding style?


  1.       Cascading Bouquet
The dramatic cascading bridal bouquet is traditional and classy, the arrangement cascades down like a waterfall making the flowers look as if they are flowing over the bride’s hands. Bigger sola wood flower blooms work well with this style. For accents, think wispy, long fillers and greenery spilling prettily all over the bouquet or as a lush collar framing the arrangement. A perfect option for bouquet foliage could include preserved eucalyptus leaves. The silver dollar, willow and spiral eucalyptus varieties are some of the most popular greens that look good on any cascading  bouquet.
Photo by Julie Wercebe


  1.       Hand-Tied Bouquet

Hand-tied bouquets that are lush, huge, laid-back and wild are popular choices lately especially for brides wanting a freer and less structured bridal bouquet. These are ideal for rustic, boho and garden settings. They also work great for classic weddings but with just a little less wild fillers poking here and there. Hand-tied as the name suggests are typically tied off with ribbons or twine leaving the bottom stems exposed giving it a "fresh-picked-flowers" look and feel. 

Photo by Blissful Blooms

  1.       Posy Bouquet

Think classic wedding flower design and a posy bouquet easily comes to mind. It is a smaller version of a typical round bridal bouquet, that is arranged into a round dome and is meant to be held in one hand just like nosegays. This type of bouquet features mostly flowers rather than fillers and is wrapped with ribbons and twine to create a clean and timeless look.

 Photos by Sola Wood Flowers

  1.         Round Bouquet

A round bouquet is a tried and tested look that never goes out of style, a true classic indeed. It can be monochromatic consisting of just one type of flower in a bouquet such as roses, peonies, or dahlias but it also looks just as beautiful featuring a variety of colors and flowers. One can opt for a perfect dome-shaped bouquet or one that’s still round but a little asymmetrical. 

Photo by Sarah Woulf 

  1.       Nosegay Bouquet

Nosegay bouquets are quite similar to posy bouquets. However, more emphasis is placed on foliage and fillers rather than flowers. Dusty miller bush is always a favorite greenery and is perfect for nosegays. This type of bouquet is small, compact, hand-tied, and due to it’s petite size it works well for bridesmaids and even moms. A petite bride may choose to carry a smaller bouquet if she wants to keep the focus on her beautiful wedding dress rather than the flowers.

 Photo by Candice Becerra, Shabby Road Weddings 

  1. Pageant Bouquet or Presentation Bouquet

Presentation bouquet as the name denotes is typically presented or given to pageant winners or to guests of honor after an event. However, this bouquet style has crossed-over to weddings and is gaining popularity in modern boho themes. 

For a non-traditional bride, this pageant style is an interesting alternative to the typical hand-held bouquet. It is designed to be cradled in the crook of the bride’s arm. The arrangement boasts of long-stemmed flowers, accented with long fillers such as munni grass, eucalyptus, bloom brooms and ferns giving it a full and lush look.

Photo by Kelsey Peterson/Wild Escape Creations

In parting, there are no strict rules in picking a bouquet style. Florists and designers may help narrow down the best possible options for you if you need help in that direction. Ultimately, the decision is completely up to you. 

Whichever style you choose, we at Sola Wood Flowers can help you create that dream bouquet. With our eco-friendly, versatile and sustainable sola wood flowers, you are ensured that you can hold on to those precious petals for years to come. 

Have a meaningful and memorable walk down the aisle towards your beloved.