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The bride didn’t like the look of silk flowers, but didn’t want to deal with real flowers either, so the sola wood flowers were absolutely perfect!!

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Sola Softener
Jenn Miller
Worth getting!

When I first dyed my flowers I used way too much paint which caused the flowers to be hard as rock but thankfully I didn’t throw them out. I took all those flowers and dipped them in warm water mixed with a teaspoon of the softener and it helped get them all soft again!

Seeing is believing

I wanted white flowers that looked real in photos, and debated forever about trying these. I made a test bouquet with the assortment to show to my toughest critics. They gushed over how good it looked! I have a lot left over to start my bridesmaids' bouquets. You may have to fluff a few (they come with simple instructions), but for the most part, they're ready to go.

Bouquet Kit Add On
Brettlee Brigham

I bought the dyed skinless flowers for my upcoming wedding this summer to make my own bridesmaid & bridal bouquets. For a bride on a budget, I couldnt have asked for better products! It was super easy to do, I did 7 bouquets by myself & I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! They are so detailed with slight imperfections that make them absolutely perfect!

Bride Box
Johnny Pariser

Great!!!! But you must be crafty!

Worth Every Penny

I spent $58 on 250 flowers with the 70% off sale. It was worth every penny and even if there wasn’t a sale I would still buy it, just not as many. Before you buy I would highly suggest doing research on how to dye the flowers, store the flowers, and so forth.You so need to be gentle because the wood carvings will break.

Beginner's Bundle
Dale Horner
More instructions please

I think I am really going to like to like these flowers. However, they need more instructions. I actually thought the glue stick was a wax stick! Simply dye instructions as well as step by step stem attachment would be really helpful

Random Assortment + RIP bags

I absolutely love my sola wood flowers. I love them because they look real but will last forever. They are so fun to work with and very pliable if a petal gets bent or smushed during delivery. The RIP bags were honestly still high quality. Small rips that were not very noticeable in the petals. I love Sola Wood Flowers, and I have been telling everyone I know about them!!!!

I am very satisfied with my order. The only thing that I was unhappy with was when I ordered the flowers there was an option for the buy one get one. I thought that the order would just be duplicated. I order three colors and I thought that the other part would be colored also. They were just ivory. But I can use them for other projects. Also I had several flowers that were damaged probably 30 out of 200. Just a little disappointed!

Fifth Ave. Centerpiece Craft Kit
Beth R
Good quality, but lacking instructions

I assumed a beginner's kit would include something along the lines of instructions, but....there were none at all. This was my first time using sola flowers, and I just expected a little more than the supplies, particularly since some elements weren't evident (i.e. whether the block of foam should be cut exactly to the top of the box or if there should be a little bit on top). I supplemented with spare flowers I'd bought for just this purpose and looked up videos on how to stem the flowers. While I appreciate the quality of the product and enjoy the end result, I do wish the kit had come with some sort of beginner-friendly instructions and tips.

Sola Softener
Meghan Lodge
Needs Directions

The Sola Softener definitely helps give the flowers more of a flex/natural squish feel, but there are no clear directions on how much to use in relation to water.

Sooo Easy, So Perfect!

My best friend really wanted succulents for her early summer wedding, but the price was overly prohibitive for the number of table decorations she needed. Enter Sola Wood Flowers! She ordered two of the succulent assortments of 50 each, and we set to dying them today. We used a Tulip brand tie dye pack and a 1:4 fabric softener to water ratio added to the dry dye powder. We dipped, dabbed and swirled them into really authentic looking succulents!

The results are impressive! She couldn't be happier, and we'll be ordering more for her bouquet! There were a few broken petals, but those flowers will be used as edges or filler. No love lost!

Wedding flowers

These flowers are great! Easy to dye or use as raw. This was my first time ever making these types of arrangements. If you’re unsure how to get started, there are very helpful videos online! So far I am very happy with how my wedding bouquet and boutonnieres turned out!!

worth every penny

I bout 5 - 25 piece packs and they couldn’t be more perfect. The shipping was fast. The product is durable withholding 6 months so far of reconfiguring and baby grabbing and kicking. love them ♥️

Overall a great craft that turned out beautiful!

Generally, I really liked this bouquet kit. I liked being able to pick the colors to dye the flowers, and that process was relatively easy. Attaching the wires was really hard, but once they were on it wasn’t bad. Tying the bouquet was easy, I appreciate that some floral tape and thin rope for wrapping were included. The bouquet definitely doesn’t look “real” since there aren’t stems (just the wires) and the bottoms of some of the flowers look a little odd. One big thing: the kit doesn’t come with ANY directions, you have to search the site to find what you need, which was a little challenging. I followed videos that weren’t super specific (like for the dying video you add “about a cereal bowl full of water”... so, how much is that supposed to be? No directions on the bottles either. Instructions would help a lot!

Robyn, we're glad to hear your bouquet turned out beautiful even though you didn't have specific instructions. This was a mistake on our end as we didn't hit 'publish' on the tutorial located here:

We know this is of no use to you now, but we sincerely apologize for the mistake. Thank you for supporting us, and we hope to win your business back.

100 Random Assortment (Skinless)
katherine reterstorf
Quality product

This is the 3rd time ordering flowers/supplies from this company. I have yet to be disappointed. A SMALL amount of flowers from the 300 I have ordered now have come MILDLY damaged. This will occur no matter what. The company loads their boxes with air-packets for cushioning, places air in bags to protect flowers and place fragile on their boxes but you cannot control how Fedex handles their boxes. The colors are accurate to the examples on the website. The eucalyptus is beautiful! Honestly, with a little extra work to make bouquets yourself, this is a stunning money saving option that makes your bouquet/decorations more unique!


These flowers were perfect for our outdoor wedding. So beautiful!

Love these!! Great starter pack.

Comes with a beautiful assortment of different flowers. My favorite are the roses 🌹 and ones that intentionally look like wood. You can do lots of different things with these. Experimenting for my wedding in October (which hopefully still happening with pandemic.)

Random Assortments

I am extremely happy with my purchases. I have bought several of the random assortments for my wedding centerpieces and baskets. I found that if you take them out right away if any are smashed you can glue and fix if you get to them right away. Sometimes there are a few that are not able to be saved. I have order over 250 flowers in three orders. Still losing 10 is nothing compared to how beautiful they are. I threw the basket together quickly without any floral foam, but I am still extremely happy with it.

So happy with my purchase!

I took a chance and ordered these for a bride and groom I'm working with and was so glad I did. They not only loved them for the project I was working on but now I ordered more to make all the centerpieces! They are beautiful.

Beautiful and fun

I got this bouquet to craft my own bridal bouquet for my wedding in Aug. This is the first time doing this and at first I was worried about doing it right or not. I wasnt sure how to use the filler because it was bunched from one branch. But I think I figured it out. Maybe with each kit should be small booklet on "how to make it". That would make it a lot easier for SUPER beginners like me.

Perfect Wedding DIY

I purchased these kits for my wedding.
I will begin with the cons & then I will move to the pros and why I am still rating it 5 stars.
To begin my colors are - Winter Storm, Pink Lemonade, Navy
It does come with the flowers that have the skin on them. Even dyeing the flowers twice in a Navy color didn't make them more appealing to me. So I decided to not use them.
My order didn't have 25 flowers in each bouquet kit as shown on the product page.

Customer Service is VERY friendly and quick in responding and making things right.
Shipping is fast.
I LOVE the final product and dyeing the flowers was soooo easy.

I loved the product so much, I placed a couple more orders so i could complete everything I needed for my wedding. Everyone is impressed & I bragged to a few FB wedding groups, encouraging them to give Sola a try too. :) If you go the Navy route, just know if you dye them twice (let them dry and dye again) the color comes out richer and this color, the paint come out of the bottle thick and slow so I used a chopstick to work out the most paint I could. For the pink lemonade I only used some of the dye because I wanted a nice light pink but it is absolutely beautiful. The winter Storm was the perfect accent to the two other colors as well.

100 Random Assorted Wood Flowers

Wine Tasting Assortment
Love these colors

I had to have this to add to make a centerpiece for my dining room and they are beautiful, the only complaint I have is the biggest flowers were chipped. Nothing major but on the wine colored ones the chips stand out pretty bad.

Damaged while packaged in tiny box

Not worth the money and hassle of waiting for a damaged shipment. You can also find these flowers at target