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Excellent quality

I love everything i order from here. Beautiful colors and great quality

Desert Beauty Assortment

Flowers are nothing great...sorry. You need a few premium new flowers or better made. I used to order all the time, I was in the top 100 and I think you need a few designers...I just don't enjoy the watching. They were fun and enjoyable now the crafts look homemade and are kinda boring. I'm sorry, I feel bad but if it were my business I would actively look for more on air talent. And NEW ideas that are cute and people want to buy!

100 Random Assorted Wood Flowers

Pink Fog Assortment (50 pack)

Thank you for beautiful flowers! And fast shipping!!

Not. What it seems

Inside raw, staining on outside patchy with raw spots on of the nails not in all the way or flush. Not happy with it or worth it.

Lemon & Lavender Assortment (50 Pack)

Lemon & Lavender Assortment (50 Pack)

Beautiful quality. I got so much for such a great price.

I am very satisfied with my order. The only thing that I was unhappy with was when I ordered the flowers there was an option for the buy one get one. I thought that the order would just be duplicated. I order three colors and I thought that the other part would be colored also. They were just ivory. But I can use them for other projects. Also I had several flowers that were damaged probably 30 out of 200. Just a little disappointed!

Not the best experience

My order was missing 19 flowers and some of the flowers started falling apart like they didn’t secure them well enough when they made them.

Cute but the font looks a little blurry

Absolutely completed the pieces that I made with the Sola flowers - love the filler better than anything I found in store!

100 Random Assorted Wood Flowers

Sola Sampler

Horrible flowers all broken

Baby’s breath champagne

The baby’s breath is beautiful but not very function. Most of the glitter was in the box and any attempt to use or work with this product produces the loss of more glitter. This is not only messy, but also defeats the purpose of acquiring that shiny champagne look.


I love this bouquet kit. Comes with everything you need to make a pretty bouquet.

Dont buy

I will not buy forn this company they are trash.

Not perfect, but happy enough

Overall, I am happy with most of the flowers. I had several flowers that were damaged in shipping (about 2 dozen out of the 200 flowers I ordered). And 2 of the colors I ordered were not very true to what I saw online and what I was expecting but I was able to dip dye them myself to a more suitable color.

I understand that colors look very different on the screen vs in person but some of the colors were true to what I saw online and some weren't. 2 of the colors were almost identical in person but looked very different from each other online but I knew color was a risk when I had only seen pictures online. Overall, happy enough with the experience and would consider ordering again if have another use for them.

Currently working on adding stems to use them for my wedding flowers.

Wow I love these

Box was large enough that even though box was a little smashed it didn’t affect the flowers

Wow I love these

Box was large enough that even though box was a little smashed it didn’t affect the flowers

I'm very pleased with my order. The colors matched perfectly with my wedding colors. I plan on ordering more!!!

100 Random Assortment (Skinless)

100 Random Assortment (Skinless)