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All About Dyed Assortments

When it comes to dyed assortments, the first thing that pops into our head is stunning color combinations! Sola Wood flowers are the perfect handmade decorative wood flowers that are natural and have long durability. And they absolutely come to life when they are dyed!

One of our best sellers here at Sola Wood Flowers is our dyed assortments. We create each dyed assortment after extensively researching color palettes. We have a wide variety of color combinations ranging from classic to modern. Let's take a look! 

A Mermaids Kiss Assortment

An ocean-inspired assortment where you get a touch of a mermaids kiss. Here is a stunning flower assortment customized for the upcoming wedding season for all the mermaid loving brides and crafters out there. The colors used in this assortment are Rosewood, Powder Pink, Stone Blue, and Blue Spruce. 

Ocean Mist Assortment

This ocean colored flower arrangement brings to our mind open blue oceans and cloud-like mists. It'll be the perfect choice to get that laid-back vibe. You can Gift these navy-colored dyed assortments to an ocean-loving friend, or it's even a great piece of decoration for a simple white painted wall at home. Bring some ocean vibes to any room in your home! The colors used in this assortment are Navy, Periwinkle, and Raw. 

Bashful Bliss 

This assortment has glows of light pink, cream, and grey with a pop of deep red! Create a stunning centerpiece or bouquet to a loved one, and make them blush! This assortment is perfect for adding a bit of warmth to your home decor, or creating a romantic arrangement for your wedding. The colors used in this assortment are Cranberry, Raw, Weathered Grey, and Powder Pink.

Wine Tasting

Like a fabulous visit to the Napa Valley wineries, our Wine Tasting Assortment gives us all the feel good vibes. This stunning flower assortment is dyed beautiful shades of merlot, grey and raw. Our customers love to use this assortment in home decor projects and for wedding arrangements. How will you use it? 

Enchanted Fairy Tale Assortment

Are you an all-time fairy tale story lover? Have you ever felt like going to an enchanted place free of worries? If you are, then this stunning assortment is just for you. Beautiful light shades of purple, grey, and ivory.  If you are a fairy tale lover, organize a birthday party that is themed for the fairy tales that everybody would adore. It will surely be an enchanting event in your life.

Sola wood flowers have earned so much attention because of all the advantages they offer. Before these flowers, people searched high and low for something that could beautify their surroundings (and not wild and die). Yet, they didn't find anything to suit their needs. With the new Sola Wood Flowers trend, you can craft beauty any time of year.

It's a fact that flowers bring joy and happiness to us, whether we treat ourselves, or give as a gift to someone else.  Check out all of our dyed assortments. You won't be disappointed. Find out why our dyed assortments are a top seller here at Sola Wood Flowers!