Get A Pro Grip On Your Stemming Skills! - Sola Wood Flowers

Get A Pro Grip On Your Stemming Skills!

You probably already know this, but here is the problem that many deal with.

When crafting with wood flowers their wire stems ruin the look of the beautiful art that was worked so hard on.

No worries. Sola Wood Flowers has the solution, we would like to introduce to you our brand new Green Plastic Wire Stem Covers!



These stem covers are what your projects have been missing. They create a more finished look for your projects, while giving a realistic look to your bouquets and vase arrangements.

Easily add the stem covers to any wire stem you are working with, whether it be a bouquet, single stems, or a vase arrangement.

Step 1 - Stem your sola flower with your wire stem. (Need help? Just click here.) 

Step 2 - After the wire stem has been attached to the flower, simply put a bit of hot glue on the base of your flower where the wire stem has been inserted.

Step 3 - Slide the stem cover over the wire stem into the glue at the base of the flower.


Now you are ready to finish your arrangement!

Pick up your Green Plastic Wire Stem Covers by clicking here

Psss… Still in look for some more inspiration? Check out these arrangements featuring our new stem covers!


This stunning tropical bouquet was created using dyed flowers, preserved silver dollar eucalyptus, a variety of faux filler, and of course our NEW stem covers


This bouquet contains all the beautiful shades of blue! We used flowers from one of our best selling dyed assortments, Ocean Mist, and a 10 pack of the designers favorite raw flowers. Paired with colored faux filler, and finished with our stem covers, this bouquet is perfect for a wedding, gift, or to add to your home decor

The stem covers on this stunning bridal bouquet are the perfect finishing touch! The plum pine and heather faux fillers perfectly compliment our Amarillo Sky dyed assortment. We added a 10 pack of our 3" Dahlia's to help break up the colors, and really make them POP!