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How to Make Beautiful and Affordable Wedding Corsages for Mothers

Have you ever wondered who gets a corsage at a wedding? Especially if you’re the bride, trying to plan all of the different elements for your wedding, it can be overwhelming to make sure that all of your bridal party get the correct florals including boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets, and more. Well, this article will help you to learn how wedding florals have been done traditionally in years passed. (Although that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be creative and mix things up!)

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Who Gets Corsages at a Wedding?

First of all, it is important to clear up the issue of who normally wears corsages at weddings. You’ll create wedding corsages for your mothers if you're trying to follow tradition. The mother of the bride and mother of the groom traditionally have beautiful corsages. This floral touch ties their outfits in with the rest of the wedding party, which will have matching bouquets and boutonnieres. If you have grandparents that are living who will be attending your wedding, your grandmothers and the grandmothers of your groom will also traditionally have corsages. Your bridesmaids will traditionally have bouquets as opposed to corsages. 

Some brides that are trying to mix things up might give floral corsages to their bridesmaids or flower girls as well. Corsages are generally a lot more affordable than bouquets since they don’t use as many flowers. So, giving your bridesmaids and flower girls can be a smart way to save some money. It can also make your wedding feel more creative and romantic with a different touch of floral arrangements. 

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Creative Corsage Ideas

Now that you have a better idea of who to give corsages to at your wedding, it is time to find some ideas for your wedding corsages. Here are some ideas that will help you to narrow down your options for beautiful corsages. Don’t be afraid of getting creative when it comes to your corsage design. Include textures, colors, and flowers that you love! Also, if you think that your wedding party has preferences that you need to keep in mind, do so. Remember that your wedding corsages are for mothers, so try to design something that they will love to wear. If you feel like you need some additional inspiration, check out this article on corsage designs from

Add Color Pops

When you’re choosing what flowers you want to use in your wedding corsages, don’t be afraid of color pops. If you shy away from color and just use white, the corsage might feel kind of washed out in photos. Try to choose some complementary colors that match your wedding colors, and you can include those same colors in other floral arrangements. Color pops have been so trendy with 2022 weddings, so don’t miss out on this trend!

Use Wood Flowers

Fresh flowers aren’t the only option for your wedding corsages. Artificial flowers, like wood flowers, are also a beautiful option. They’re more durable and more affordable than fresh flowers. Wood flowers are made from natural materials, which gives them an interesting texture and naturalistic touch. Plus, you can dye wood flowers to match any color scheme without paying extra. Wood flowers make beautiful and unique corsages. 

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Add Texture

If you want to mix things up a little, try adding some interesting texture to your corsages. Use smaller flowers, like chrysanthemums, that have many small petals that create texture and variation. You can also add some greenery or floral fillers, such as lavender leaf or pixie cotton, that will add interesting shapes and small, intricate textures. 

Try Oversized 

Another way that you can get creative with your wedding corsages is by mixing up the size. Usually, corsages are fastened to the wrist and have a couple of small blooms, and maybe one large focal flower. If you want a more dramatic look, try designing an oversized corsage that will creep halfway up the forearm. You might want to have another ribbon or bracelet to fasten the upper part of the corsage. This will create a stunning floral statement that your wedding party will love.

How to Make a Corsage

Now that you know some of the unique, creative touches that you can add to your wedding corsages, here are a few steps that will help you to know how to make a corsage. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a florist to make a corsage. You just need to have a specific vision of the colors and flowers that you want to include. If you need a tutorial that is more in-depth, click here to learn how to make a wrist corsage.

1. Gather Your Supplies

To make a corsage, you’ll need a corsage bracelet or ribbon. You’ll also need some flowers, greenery floral wire, floral tape, and some scissors. Make sure that you have all these supplies before you get started!

2. Prep Your Flowers

Before you start actually assembling the corsage, you’ll need to prep your flowers. This means that you’ll need to cut down the stems to the correct size for a corsage. 


3. Start with Your Focal Flowers

To start off, you’ll want to gather together your focal flowers. Since corsages are quite small, you’ll probably only have one or two flowers that are supposed to be larger, and the focal point of the corsage. You then might add in some small flowers, like rosebuds or wildflowers to complement the focal flowers.

4. Add Floral Filler and Greenery

Then, start to add floral filler and greenery to your flowers. This will frame the small arrangement and add a nice variety of textures and colors. Make sure to attach each of these with some floral tape or wire as you go.

5. Attach to the Corsage

Once your flowers are all gathered together, it is time to attach them to the corsage wristlet. You can use floral wire to attach the flowers, or you could even sew them on if you’re using ribbon. Make sure that you have them attached firmly so you won’t have to worry about the flowers falling off on the wedding day.