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How to Make Corsage Flowers with Sustainable, Artificial Flowers

Have you ever wondered how to make a floral corsage? Whether you’re getting married and planning your wedding party flowers or going to Prom and trying to make your date’s flowers for less, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you some inspiration for your corsage design. Your corsage flowers can give a beautiful, dressed up look to any outfit. You’ll also find some DIY tips that will help you to create flower corsages that are professional-looking, even if you don’t have any floral design experience. So, without further ado, here is how you can make corsage flowers with sustainable, artificial flowers.

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What Are Corsage Flowers?

First, you should understand what corsage flowers are. A corsage flower is a small floral arrangement that is typically worn on the wrist for a special occasion. Historically, corsage flowers were given as a symbol of respect in a courtship. They gave off a fragrant, lovely scent and added a touch of romance to any outfit. These flowers became especially popular as part of a formalwear outfit for a prom or homecoming dance. They’ve also become a huge tradition for members of the bridal party to wear on a wedding day. Pin corsages, similar to boutonneires, have also become popular for wedding parties. These flowers can be pinned to a shirt or lapel and don’t have to be worn on a wrist. Sometimes, corsage flowers are even used for funerals and other important family and life events. Most importantly, corsage flowers are a meaningful gift that you can give to anyone that you care about to help them feel more special.

How to Make a Corsage with Fake Flowers

When you’re preparing to make your corsages, start by gathering your desired flowers and supplies. Wood flowers are some of the best flowers for corsages because they aren’t as fragile and perishable as fresh flowers. With wood flowers, you can make your corsages well in advance without worrying that they’ll wilt before your big event. You can also personalize and customize your corsage by using wood dye to achieve the perfect color scheme. Not only are they an eco-friendly and sustainable option, but they are also incredibly affordable. You can buy wood flowers in bulk and make many flower corsages for just a fraction of the price of a single fresh flower corsage. For more helpful tips on how to create a corsage, check out this Sola School blog tutorial!

1. Start With Your Flowers

Start off your flower corsage by attaching your focal flowers to your corsage wristlet base. (This could be a bracelet, ribbon, cuff, elastic, etc.) For a typical floral corsage, you’ll only need one or two large flowers, such as a daisy or rose. You can also add smaller, complementary flowers around the larger flowers until your colors and shapes look well-dispersed and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Add Filler and Greenery

Next, add tiny details with small sprigs of floral filler and greenery. This will give your corsage a more unique, finished look. Since your corsage likely won’t be too big, you’ll only need a few sprigs of greenery to frame and finish off your corsage. If you want the flowers to dominate your corsage, try adding a sprinkling of dainty filler flowers, such as baby’s breath or wax flowers. You can even spray paint your filler to make it better match your vision.

3. Finish With Decorative Touches

If you want to add some extra glam to your corsage flowers, don’t be afraid to finish your corsage off with some decorative touches. This could include sequins, beads, pearls, crystals, glitter, ribbon streamers, and more. This is one of the funnest, most creative parts of creating your own corsage. Your decorative touches can customize your flowers and make them perfect for your big event. Then, just make sure the entire structure is securely attached to your corsage base and you’ll be ready to go!

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Unique Corsage Ideas

Sometimes, you might want to steer away from traditional expectations and create a corsage flower that is more unique and representative of your personality. Luckily, recent floral design styles have started to give more flexibility to the design and layout of corsages. According to upcoming floral trends, you can add all sorts of unique and magical touches to your corsage. Here are just a few ideas for you to consider as you’re creating your flower corsages.

Oversized Corsages

Typically, traditional wrist corsages include a few flowers and only measure a few inches across. You can flip this expectation on its head by creating an oversized corsage that starts to creep up the arm. An oversized corsage gives you more flexibility when it comes to design and style. You can add more types of flowers to your arrangement without worrying that the size will be overwhelming. To support the larger shape and stye of your corsage, you might need to have an additional tie or base securing the corsage near the elbow.

Monochromatic Corsages

For an extra dramatic look, try making a monochromatic corsage. This type of corsage only incorporates flowers of the same color. So, you likely won’t use floral filler or greenery unless you paint it to match or absolutely need the color contrast. Rather than worrying about the size of your corsage, aim to find flowers that will match and look stunning together. This trend is projected to be huge among wedding flowers and floral design in 2023. A monochromatic corsage will add a bold, vibrant touch to any outfit, whether it strictly matches or not.

Draping Wristlet Corsages

Another unique corsage idea that you can try is a draping wristlet corsage. This type of corsage is somewhat untraditional, but it can have an incredible impact. Rather than attaching your flowers to the top of the wrist, your flowers will instead dangle from the wrist, like a wristlet purse.

Jewelry Cuff Corsages

If you want to gift your bridesmaids or friends a pretty and fun memento, try making your flower corsages with a pretty piece of jewelry. This could be a delicate beaded bracelet or a thicker, metallic cuff that can be attached to the small floral arrangement. Once the special event is over, your friends can keep the pieces of jewelry as a reminder of your special day together.

Upper Arm Corsages

You can change up the design of your corsage by creating an upper arm corsage. This type of corsage will work best on a bare upper arm without any obstructions created by clothing or sleeves. A longer, dramatic corsage on the upper arm is sure to make a huge fashion statement.

Mini Ring Corsages

For a more delicate corsage look, try making a mini ring corsage. This corsage style is elegant, stylish, and affordable. It won’t take up so much space and won’t be as much of a hassle to wear. Small dried and wood flowers would work perfectly for this style since they won’t be as fragile as fresh flowers. You can also add small jewels or pearls for a fancier look that will make these mini corsages feel more like a true ring.

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So, if you have an upcoming need for homemade corsages, remember this article! You can make affordable, unique, and gorgeous corsages by using wood flowers. For more unique ideas on how to create your corsage flowers, check out this blog article from!