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How to Put Together the Most Romantic Bridal Bouquet

Calling all 2022 brides! Are you obsessed with the romantic aesthetic of the latest trending weddings? Are you hoping to embody the wistful, magical romance that is portrayed in popular media such as Bridgerton? Here is how you can put together the most romantic bridal bouquet that will have all of your wedding guests swooning. Plus, once you know how to put together a romantic bridal bouquet, you’ll be able to apply these same approaches to all of your other floral arrangements! 

Putting together a wedding bridal bouquet really isn’t that difficult, even if you’ve never had any experience with floral design before. You just need to have a set vision for your wedding aesthetic. This will help you to decide on certain colors, textures, and styles that you want to use in your floral arrangements. For example, if you have your heart set on a romantic bridal aesthetic, you’ll want to utilize a lot of vibrant pastel colors, fluffy florals, and draping ribbons. 

Make sure that you keep these tips in mind as you’re planning the rest of your wedding as well! You might want to include some Victorian-inspired elements in your wedding dress. You can also use your bridal party to display an array of romantic pastels. Even the decor of your wedding cake, your reception, and your ceremony can encompass the romantic vibe that you’re going for. This will help you to have a cohesive and beautiful wedding aesthetic across the board. 

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Romantic Bouquet Must-Haves

First of all, you need to learn about some wedding bouquet must-haves that will totally embody the romantic aesthetic that you’re going for. Remember, if you’re needing some inspiration, spend some time browsing Pinterest or Instagram for examples. You can find romantic touches in lots of styles of bouquets, and include your favorite elements to create a personalized romantic vibe for your wedding. Here are a few suggestions you should consider. 

Romantic Flowers

First of all, you’ll want to choose types of flowers that are seen as romantic rather than traditional or bohemian. Martha Stewart documents some of the most romantic and dreamy wedding flowers that you absolutely must use in your wedding bouquet. Here are a few of the most popular romantic wedding flowers. 

  • Anemones: Lighter flowers with a dramatic, dark center that add a pop of sophistication and romantic intrigue to any bouquet.  
  • Garden Roses: Garden roses are similar to traditional roses, but they often have many more petals that swirl around in intricate patterns and fluff out in delicate layers. These are the best types of roses for a romantic aesthetic.  
  • Flowering Branches: Flowering branches or blossoming sprigs might be traditionally associated with spring, but they’re the perfect ingredient to create a free-flowing, romantic bouquet that looks like it was picked from a regency garden. 
  • Ranunculus: Ranunculus are paired perfectly with any romantic flower. They come in a variety of colors and can add a fun pop of color and texture with their many layers of fragile petals. 

Silk Ribbons

Once you’ve collected some romantic flowers to work with, don’t forget to add silk ribbons! Long streamers of frayed silk ribbon have become very trendy for romantic bouquets over the past few years. You can have these beautiful ribbons wrapped around the stems of your bouquet with long streamers, or even tied in a loopy, loose bow. If you want a complementary pop of color, consider adding another ribbon with another one of your wedding colors. This will be the finishing touch on your romantic bouquet. 

Overflowing Arrangements

If you’re really trying to go for a romantic flower aesthetic, then you should avoid the spherical, stiff bouquets of past years. The most romantic flower arrangements are large and overflowing. They often have a oval or cascade shape, but the flowers have a variety of heights to make them seem spontaneously gathered from a romantic field of wildflowers. Your bridal bouquet is going to be one of the statements of your wedding. Don’t shy away from a romantic, overflowing arrangement!

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Pastel Color Schemes

A must-have for a romantic bouquet is the use of pastel color schemes. That being said, don’t feel like you have to stick to wedding colors that have been traditionally used, like white and blush pink. Try branching out to other pastel shades that have become especially popular in 2022 such as baby blue, lavender, sage, champagne, and honeydew. Adding a variety of colors will help your bouquet to look nonchalant but incredibly intentional. 

Wood Flowers

Adding in natural textures to your bouquet can make it very authentic and romantic. One of the best ways to do this is by using wood flowers that are made from natural materials. Wood flowers are great to use for a wedding bouquet because they can be dyed to match any color or style. They also will never wilt, so they will stay looking beautiful all day long. 

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How to Make DIY Wedding Bouquets

Now that you know some of the different elements that you should include in your wedding bridal bouquet, it is time to start putting your bouquet together! Here are a few steps that will help you to know how to DIY your own wedding bouquet. You can use these same steps to do other arrangements, such as your bridesmaid bouquets or your table centerpiece bouquets. Just remember that your bridal bouquet should stand out and be the most romantic and daring of them all. 

1. Gather Supplies

First of all, you’ll want to gather your supplies for your bouquet. You’ll need flowers, floral fillers, and greenery. You’ll also want to have some floral tape and possibly floral wire depending on how big and heavy your bouquet is. You’ll also need a good rubber band and some pretty ribbon to tie it off. 

2. Start with Statement Flowers

You’ll start making your bouquet by gathering together your statement flowers that will be the focal piece of your bouquet. These flowers are usually the largest and reflect some of the colors that you want to be the main shades of your bouquet. Arrange them nicely together and secure with floral tape.

3. Add Complementary Flowers

Next, add your complementary flowers that will be a bit smaller than your statement flowers. Alternate the height and color of your flowers so the bouquet doesn’t look to stiff or shaped. Make sure that all the shades are arranged in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

4. Add Floral Fillers

Start adding floral fillers to add volume and fill to the bouquet. Your floral fillers might be something like lilac, lavender, pixie cotton, or eucalyptus. Work in the floral fillers in between some of your flowers to add a variety of texture throughout the arrangement.

5. Frame with Greenery

Next, frame the exterior of your bouquet with your larger greenery to give it a finished and intentional look. Work in small bits of greenery throughout the bouquet. Make sure to vary the length of your greenery for a lovely cascading finished look. 

6. Tie and Finish it Off

Once your greenery is in place, secure the bouquet with some floral tape and wrap a firm rubber band around all the stems. Then, cover the rubber band with some beautiful ribbon or lace. As was mentioned previously, leave the ribbon or lace with long tails for an extra romantic look.