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Sola Softener: Key Ingredient in Preserving Sola Wood Flowers

The desire for summer flowers during the winter, or fall flowers in the middle of spring, has led many consumers to prefer and purchase handcrafted or preserved floral decorations. But more than the desire for florals that you can enjoy year round, is the willpower and commitment to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sola wood flowers and sustainability

Sustainability in the home, workplace, and in various industries has picked up momentum over the past few years. More and more people are finding ways to shrink their negative environmental impact by choosing sustainable options for their interior decorating, weddings, or gift-giving. The hunt for sustainable floral options has put a spotlight on sola wood flowers. The demand has skyrocketed in recent years and it’s easy to see why. Sola flowers are an eco-friendly and economical alternative to real flowers, but the most unique aspect amongst all artificial floral arrangements is that their beauty lasts forever.


Sola wood flowers transcend the seasons

Most people think tulips are linked to spring, but the wonderful thing about sola wood flowers is that tulips can now truly transcend the seasons. Daffodils bloom during the onset of the year; sunflowers and Dahlias bloom in the summer, and now with Sola flowers they can be available all season round. Winter weddings can now have spring and summer flowers that happily radiate sunshine in every corner. Add a  touch of springtime with anemones and carnations, or a splash of fall colors with a handful of berry picks; the possibilities are limitless. The bottom line? No matter what time of year you're getting married, you’ll be spoiled with a vast selection of colors and blooms.

Preserving Sola Wood Flowers

With the growing popularity of sustainable living, green weddings, and the demand for eco-friendly forever blooms; florists, crafters, decorators, and floral hobbyists are finding new ways to preserve flowers, both real and handmade. Sola Wood Flowers on their part, continue to innovate new techniques in preserving sola flowers.

While we desire for preserved flowers, we also wish that they look and feel close to the real thing. We want our flowers to last for a lifetime and hope that they retain their original quality and beauty just as they were on the day we made them. However, like with any natural material, they age, they split, and they crumble.

Enter Sola Softener. This is heaven-sent for sola enthusiasts, crafters, and brides alike. Sola wood flowers are made of wood  and are so well-made that they almost look like real cut flowers. The Sola softener highlights that realistic quality. Not only will it preserve the flowers making them more durable and longer-lasting, but it will also make them feel life-like and soft to the touch.

Sola Softener and Wood

Sola softener is a clear liquid typically made from soybean, coconut, or palm oils. Its main function is to soften and preserve. It is particularly popular in the cosmetic industry but has numerous other uses as well. One understated and often overlooked use is in the area of woodworking.

Sola softener assists in the application of water-based stain to avoid wood fiber lifting and delayed drying time. It is used on wooden sheets to help release moisture slowly and evenly over time to limit wood warping. The bottom line? Sola softener, softens and preserves wood which is the core material for our flowers.

Sola Softener and Sola Wood Flowers

Hand-crafted wood flowers are great to use in floral decorations but without a softener they can turn brittle over time. Using a solution of sola softener and water to preserve the sola flowers can result in a final product that is soft and pliable and remains so for several years. A detailed tutorial on how to apply sola softener can be found here. The process replaces the water that was absorbed by the petals when dipped in the water-softener mixture. When the softener-preserved flowers are dried, and the balance of water has been drawn out, the softener remains behind and keeps the bloom soft and pliable.

Crafting with Softener-Preserved Flowers

Our sola wood flowers are carefully crafted, softened, preserved, and presented to look just like the real thing. Once you create and display your floral arrangements, just sit back and appreciate your creation. Forget shearing stems, constant watering, and having to frequently buy new blooms. Solas are virtually maintenance-free. Just give them a light dusting every so often, setting them out of direct sunlight and moisture and you are guaranteed to enjoy a hassle-free floral decoration in your home for years and years to come.