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Sola Wood Flowers HQ

Welcome to the new Sola Wood Flowers Headquarters!

We are so excited to finally share our warehouse with you. Our new facility is going to allow shorter turnaround times and better productivity. We appreciate our customers and how understanding you all have been during this crazy move.

Sola Wood Flowers HQ Headquarters


SWF Front Offices

We have 5 offices upfront along with 8 cubicles (You guys, seriously! This place is the best, so much room for activities... haha)

Sola Wood Flowers Customer Service

Customer Service is hard at work on E-Mails.

Sola Wood Flowers Lunch Room

We finally have a lunchroom!

If you have followed us closely you will remember that we had 1 bathroom for 20 employees! We are so happy our new facility has a GIRLS and BOYS bathroom, with 2 stalls! AND drinking fountains? Now we are just getting spoiled.

Now let's take you to the warehouse-

Sola Wood Flowers Dyeing Department

Dyeing DepartmentSola Wood Flowers Dyeing Department

(Pictured 3" Auroras in the color Princess Pink) 

Our dyeing department dyes all of our colored assortments/orders. The flowers then go into our drying room which has several fans to dry the flowers as quickly as possible. 

Sola Wood Flowers Pickers Facility Warehouse

Sola Wood Flowers Filler

(To purchase items shown in the photo above, visit our greenery tab)

We now have space for different prepping stations.

Craft Kits, Subscription Boxes, 100 Packs, etc. now will be bulked out for a quicker picking/packaging and shipping process! Yay!

Sola Wood Flowers Quality Control

Quality Control goes through each order to ensure the correct items and quantities are shipping in the order.

Sola Wood Flowers Wood Shop

SWF Wood Shop 

Our woodshop now has the proper storage for bulking out wood items.

SWF Shipping Sola Wood Flowers Department Headquarters

Our shipping department is growing! We now have 2 computers to print shipping labels and packages are going out quickly. We are hoping to expand our shipping department to make things even faster.

If you can't tell, we are so excited about the new Sola Headquarters and we owe it all to our wonderful customers! So THANK YOU!


Sola Wood Flowers Staff