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The Best Cozy Home Decor Trends for Fall 2022

Are you looking to update your home decor this fall? Luckily, fall decor often blends well with some of your summer decor, so you shouldn’t have to have an entire decor overhaul. However, fall does bring along some new textures, colors, and trends that can help your space to feel comfy and cozy for the new season. The trends in 2022 are taking a lot of inspiration from the nature around you while still including some traditional holiday colors and designs. Make sure that you incorporate some of these ideas into your home for the perfect, festive feel. Here are some of the best cozy home decor trends for fall 2022. 

Earth Tones

Amber glass, warm woods, and smooth stone will all be popular colors and textures this fall. Don’t shy away from a bit of color when it comes to your decorations. Fall is the best time to use the earthy tones that are splashed all throughout nature around you. Take advantage of the beautiful tones in the trees, leaves, and wood around you and bring them inside your home. Don’t just stick with boring and basic neutrals of white and gray. Instead, bring some earthy warmth into your home by using more nuanced neutrals such as cinnamon, terracotta, copper, sand, oatmeal, camel, rust, and more. Focus on finding neutral home decor pieces that come in this family of color shades and you’ll be sure to have a calming, peaceful, and trendy fall home.

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Fall Wreaths

Another huge trend coming up this fall is fall wreaths. Of course, wreaths are always popular during the fall seasons, but the wreaths that are going to be popular in 2022 are much more unique. Gone are the big wooden letters and fluffy bows. Instead, these popular wreaths include lots of unique florals and textures. Even floral fillers and greenery will be huge in wreath design. One of the most popular elements in fall wreaths will be wood flowers. Make sure that you stock up on wood flowers in a large variety of fall colors so you can create an unforgettable wreath. Your wood flower wreath will be a hit in your neighborhood. Your porch has a lot to do with the curb appeal of your home, so you want to make sure that your porch is looking cute and festive for fall. 

Woven Fabrics

Chunky, textured, woven fabrics are hugely popular this fall. You’ve likely seen some of these popular woven fabrics in summery wall hangings and plant holders, but this trend will explode during the fall. From chunky knit blankets to woven throw pillows, you can’t go wrong with these intricate designs. There is nothing better than having some soft, woven blankets as part of your cozy home decor. Woven fabrics in your blankets and pillows will help your house feel comfy and unique. 


You can’t style your home for the fall months without including some pumpkins in the mix. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to use the bright orange pumpkins with neon yellow smiles. There are many more trendy pumpkins available on the market. There are all sorts of stylish pumpkins that you can find made in pretty, neutral colors. For example, you can decorate with wooden pumpkins, neutral pumpkins, woven pumpkins, and even buffalo plaid pumpkins. Just pay a visit to your local craft store to find the trendiest pumpkins of the season. Then, once you’ve found your perfect pumpkins, add them to your decor in many creative ways. Add some mini pumpkins to your unique fall wreath for a super fun look. Use a collection of unique pumpkins as a centerpiece or coffee table decoration. At some craft stores, you can even find mini pumpkins as part of a decorative floral sprig. Those would be perfect for creating a fall flower arrangement! You can even put artificial pumpkins on your porch if you don’t want to buy some pumpkins that will only rot within a few weeks!


Another trend that is staying around from the summer months is “crustaceancore,” as Elite Daily calls it. This trend comes from the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic that went so viral online. Crustaceancore includes sea-inspired elements such as shells, coral, sea plants and life, and more. You can incorporate crustaceancore into your home by using some neutral shells or coral as a coffee table decoration. (Just think, you’ve finally found the perfect opportunity to display the vacation souvenirs that you found on the coast all those years ago!) You can also buy some plates and tableware that have a pretty, sea-inspired print on them. Even though you might think that beachy trends are usually summery, this trend is going to last all fall long. 

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Dried Florals

This fall, dried florals are all the rage. Dried florals come in some of the most popular neutral colors of the season. You can make beautiful floral arrangements with dried florals that will look like they’re designer quality. Make sure that you add some wood flowers for extra volume and drama. Then, place your floral arrangement on your nightstand, table, countertop, or even your window sill. The addition of dried flowers will help your house feel seasonal. One of the most popular types of dried florals is pampas grass. Do you have an empty corner in your home that needs decoration? You can buy a few long sprigs of pampas grass and put them in a tall vase and set them in the corner for a trendy look.

Natural Wood

Natural wood incorporates a lot of the earthy tones that are so popular for the fall 2022 season. Natural woods include soft tones that aren’t too bold or orangey. Instead, they are softer, bleached neutrals in light colors of tan and brown. These natural wood elements are great to incorporate into every room of your house. In your kitchen, you can add some open wood 

shelving. In your room, try using a pretty wooden dough bowl as a decoration or jewelry holder. In your home office, add a woven wooden statement chandelier for a large pop of warmth. In your living and entertainment rooms, use pieces of furniture made out of natural wood, such as end tables and coffee tables. If you are in the mood for more of a hands-on DIY project, adding natural wood beams to your ceiling will make your house feel beachy and luxurious. Even just small touches of natural wood can elevate your space and make it feel ready for fall. 

Woven Elements

Along the same lines of including natural woods, make sure that you’re also including woven elements in your decor. A super cheap, simple way to do this is to add some woven decorative balls to your coffee table. You could also add a few woven baskets to your storage furniture or entryways. Woven baskets are both beautiful and functional since they double as a pretty storage space. Lots of trendy furniture pieces are using woven elements as well. For example, you can find pretty barstools for your kitchen island with woven chair details, or a pretty entryway table with some woven cane in the cabinet doors. One of the cutest trends of the fall comes in the form of a woven ottoman pouf. There is no better way to include this trend in your living space!