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The Creative Power To Perfectly Match Your Bouquet To Your Wedding Aesthetic

Struggling to find the perfect bouquet that will compliment your wedding dress? Well, there are loads of individuals searching for the best bouquet to match their wedding palette that will perfectly compliment the entire event. If that's you, we have great news!

Introducing, Sola Wood Flowers! New here? Great! We're happy to have you. Let me give a bit of an introduction. Our wood flowers are handmade from the balsa tree bark. Each of the flowers is carefully fabricated, just like a real flower. The wood is incredibly light and soft to the touch. Our flowers are perfect for everyday crafting, and home decor, and we especially love them for weddings!  For weddings, our customers are becoming more and more inclined to have their bouquets match the rest of the event perfectly.

We don't all know the ins and outs of wedding flowers and arrangements. Are you also one of them? If you want to find the best wedding bouquet that will complement your wedding gown, color scheme, and the rest of the decor.... then we've got you covered!

On your wedding day, your bouquet will be one of the many accessories that can enhance your appearance and make you look beautiful. But how can this be possible? Ever wondered? Well, this means your bouquet should also compliment your wedding dress.

To customize wood flower bouquets needs, you can purchase raw assortments from Sola Wood Flowers. Raw assortments offer a wide variety of flower types. A great bang for your buck! You can choose to leave the flowers raw, or dye them to match your wedding colors. Then you can create a beautiful bouquet to match your wedding dress! Some of our favorite raw assortments are:

Just like with wedding dresses, there are modern and traditional types of bouquets. Therefore, if your dress is traditional or classic, it would be best to go with a traditional bouquet. Here are a few of our favorite traditional bouquet kits-

Some of our favorite modern bouquets are - 

When choosing a bouquet, we think that balance is of the utmost importance. If you have an elaborately embellished wedding gown and many detailed accessories, you may want to stick with a more simple bouquet. This will help to avoid any cluttered look. If your dress is simple and elegant, you may want to go with a more wild-style bouquet. 


The Bottom Line 

Sola Wood Flowers give you the ability to create any kind of bouquet you choose. Wild or classic. Simple or bohemian. The creative options are endless. If you need a bit of help deciding which direction to go, feel free to reach out to our expert Customer Service Team. They are available 24/7 and are happy to help you with any of your wedding needs. 

Happy Wedding Planning!