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Tips for Creating Beautiful Floral Arrangements for Your Wedding

Wedding flowers do so much to establish the vibe, aesthetic, and environment of your wedding venue. They help bring a romantic, elegant feel to any venue, no matter when or where you’re getting married. So, if you’re trying to design and create your wedding flowers, you’ve got quite the task on your hands. You might even feel a little bit stressed if you aren’t familiar with floral design or different types of flowers. Luckily, there are lots of ways to find inspiration and help when you’re working on your wedding flowers. If you want to create your own beautiful floral arrangements for your wedding, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss how to design and create a beautiful floral arrangement as well as some tips for DIYing your own wedding centerpiece.

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How to Design and Create a Beautiful Floral Arrangement

Here are our favorite tips for designing and creating a beautiful floral arrangement for your wedding. After you’ve reviewed these tips, keep reading for a helpful tutorial on how to create a floral centerpiece for your wedding!

Search for Inspiration

Searching for floral design inspiration is a key step in creating floral decorations. Make sure you take your time finding floral styles and designs that you love. This will help you to know what supplies and flowers you’ll need to achieve such a style. So, get scrolling! Pinterest and Instagram will both be great places to find galleries of gorgeous wedding flowers in many different styles.

Match Your Color Scheme

Another thing you should keep in mind when you’re trying to create a beautiful floral arrangement is your wedding color scheme. Usually, your flowers will not only match your wedding colors, but they’ll help to establish the color scheme throughout your venue. If you’re having a hard time finding fresh flowers that match your wedding colors, try using wood flowers instead! They can be dyed to match almost any color imaginable.

Find the Perfect Flowers

You’ll also want to look at the different kinds of flowers available to nail down your dream wedding flower design. There are hundreds of different flowers that you can use to create your unique, personalized wedding flower design. Just make sure you pay attention to seasonal flowers. Some flowers are only in season during certain parts of the year, such as peonies during the spring. If you want these flowers out of season, you’ll need to shop artificial flowers or ship them from a different part of the world.

Add Elegant Finishing Touches

You should also look at accessories that make wedding flowers so successful. Pay attention to styles that you like as you’re researching. Do you love the long, raw-edged, draping ribbons on boho bouquets? Do you love the pearl pins on more classic bouquets? Do you want lanterns or wood slices as part of your centerpieces? These finishing touches will really make your wedding flower design look stunning.

Use DIY Craft Kits

While DIYing your own wedding flowers can save you quite a bit of money, it can be a bit stressful if you don’t have any floral design experience. Luckily, you can get a lot of help if you use a DIY wood flower craft kit. These kits conveniently come with all the supplies you might need to create a given arrangement, such as a centerpiece, a corsage, a boutonniere, floral bouquets, bridal bouquets, and more. When you order a wood flower craft kit, you’ll receive wood flowers, greenery, filler, floral wire, and other necessary supplies, such as hot glue or floral tape. You can also customize these craft kits to match the precise style you want for your wedding by choosing from different wood flower dye colors, floral filler, greenery, and more.

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How to DIY a Wedding Centerpiece: A Tutorial

Gather Supplies

First off, make sure you gather all the supplies you’ll need for your wedding centerpiece. You can order flowers in bulk to save money and time in the process. You might also need some floral foam, pins, floral tape, floral wire, and rubber bands to hold your flowers together as you go.

Prep Your Flowers

Once your supplies are all together, you’ll want to prep your flowers. If you’re working with fresh flowers, you’ll need to cut the stems down to size for your arrangement. You’ll also need to remove any unnecessary leaves or sprigs that will be in the way. Don’t forget to keep your flowers in buckets of fresh water (with flower food, if possible) so they stay looking beautiful and don’t wilt. If you’re working with wood flowers, you’ll want to make sure all your flowers are completely dyed and dried to match your desired color scheme. You also might need to add floral wire stems so they’re easier to work with. Luckily, wood flowers won’t ever wilt, so they’ll be a lot easier to work with throughout your flower-arranging process.

Assemble Your Centerpiece Vase

Once all your flowers are prepped and ready, you’ll need to assemble your centerpiece vase to get it ready for flower placement. To do so, place a block of wet floral foam inside your vase. Make sure it has sufficient water to keep your flowers fresh. You might also want to add a few crossing strips of tape if your vase is tall and your flowers will need additional support. These strips of tape will help to keep your flowers in place as they droop over the edge of your vase.

Start Adding Big Flowers

You’ll start creating your centerpiece arrangement by adding the biggest flowers you have. These flowers should highlight your favorite wedding colors. Make sure to spread them out so the colors have a nice variety and so that similar shades aren’t bunched together too closely.

Add Smaller Flowers

Next, you’ll add your medium and small flowers. Make sure to work these flowers in between the larger flowers for a more professional-looking result. Don’t be afraid to leave some of your smaller flowers at a taller height to add more volume and variety to your arrangement.

Fill in With Filler and Greenery

Once all your flowers are in place, you’ll fill in the gaps with floral filler and greenery. Small, delicate greenery can go in between your flowers, but larger, longer sprigs should droop over the edges and frame your arrangement. This will make it look well-designed and finished.

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Finishing Touches

Once your centerpiece is all assembled, you’ll be ready to add any final finishing touches that you desire. For example, you could tie some pretty silk ribbons around the base of your centerpiece vase. You can also add more unique finishing touches such as a wood slice coaster base, small candles, small lanterns, sparkling fairy lights, and more. Sometimes these additional decorations can elevate your centerpiece to the next level, making it look professional and romantic.

Now you’re ready to go off and create your own beautiful wedding flowers! For more helpful floral arrangement tutorials, check out our Sola School! From DIY bridal bouquets to DIY corsages to DIY boutonnieres, you’ll be able to find tutorials and crafting tips that will help you to create stunning, cohesive arrangements. If you need some inspiration to help you nail down the floral design you’re looking for, check out these wedding flower blogs from!