Top 5 Reasons Why Sola Wood Flowers are Great for Crafts

There are tons of craft activities that you can get your hands on. There are needle crafts like knitting, embroidery, and quilting. There’s also paper crafts, with origami taking the lead, and bead work of various applications. It’s impossible to run out of craft projects to do in a lifetime with the sheer number of craft options you can choose from.

But of course, we’re partial to crafting with sola flowers--and for good reason! Aside from the thousands of crafters who are actively doing sola flower crafts, check out the 5 amazing reasons below on why Sola Wood Flowers are great for crafts.

A bouquet of Sola Wood Flowers

Easy to get into

Sola flower crafting is very accessible. An extremely easy project would involve sola flowers, craft magnets, and hot glue, which gives you a sola flower fridge magnet. You can start from simple projects and then slowly build on the difficulty of the projects you want to engage in.

As you get the hang of using sola flowers, you can also refine your techniques such as layering dye colors or using airbrushing techniques to achieve more realistic colors. Some crafters who want to use more complicated flowers that may not be available from the catalog may also create their own flowers from sola wood sheets that are being sold through Amazon and Etsy.

Dyeing sola wood flowers in pink wood dye

With sola flowers, there’s a huge room for upgrading your skills while doing the same craft. It’s very easy to start, but with the endless variations you can introduce, getting bored with it is very unlikely.

Very Relaxing

A lot of people get into crafts because it relaxes them. Crafting with sola flowers is no different. Stressed out sola flower crafters especially love dyeing their flowers and fluffing them after. Pinching, pressing, and spreading our the soft, spongy sola flower petals offers great tactile stimulation, which offers temporary distraction from what’s stressing you out.

Wagon wheel wood cutout decorated with white sola flowers

Also, arranging how the flowers will be glued on the wood cutout letters or working on the look of a flower centerpiece is extremely relaxing. It’s a puzzle where you need to combine the assorted types and sizes of flowers with the right kind and amount of fillers. It’s a creative exercise that allows you to explore different styles and design preferences while relaxing your mind from various forms of stress.

Create Both Decorative and Functional Art

Functionality is inherent in any craft project. Sola flower projects are obviously decorative craft, but the wood flowers are now being used for various functional applications. For instance, due to the spongy nature of the sola wood, it’s now being used along with reed diffusers in fragrance diffuser sets. You can easily make your own by stemming a couple of sola flowers with bamboo stems and sticking it into a bottle of your favorite essential or fragrance oil diffuser (when doing this project, remember to use a water-based fragrance recipe).

Makes great gifts

People love flowers. It’s evident in how people keep their florist’s phone number on speed dial or their websites bookmarked the entire year. Flowers just make perfect gifts because they’re visually appealing and heartwarming.

One of our favorite sola wood flower gift projects are mini table decorations. You can play with assorted flowers and fillers to look like miniature flower centerpieces or you can also make sola succulents and arrange them in a clay pot, complete with white pebbles. 

Sola Wood Flowers mini centerpiece

The most interesting we’ve come across is a magnetic tic-tac-toe with various sola flowers glue to the magnet. Just paint them in two colors, no need to have the same types of flower (and it makes the board look more interesting, too, with the assorted flowers).

Vast Application

There’s just so many things you can do with sola flowers. You can use it to decorate wreaths, create flower crowns, and make roses-in-a-box gifts. They’re amazing and versatile so you can use it to spruce up just about anything in your home. You can even combine it with other crafts you’re involved in right now such as adding sola flowers to your scrapbook pages or on greeting cards. Or add your stemmed flowers to a blown glass vase or wood box you created from your workshop!

Yellow and white sola flowers in a glass vase

There’s an endless list of things to do with sola flowers. If you’re looking for a new craft to take on, this is definitely THE one. Check out our craft supplies at the Sola Wood Flowers website and start creating beautiful sola flower creations!

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