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Top Wedding Flowers Ideas to Achieve a Romantic Aesthetic in 2022

As a recently engaged bride-to-be, you’ve probably realized that you have a lot of planning to do. So, before you start getting overwhelmed, take a moment to envision your dream wedding. That’s right, picture every part of that wedding that you’ve been imagining ever since you were little. From the dress to the cake, from the wedding party to the decorations, from the venue to the flowers, there are so many beautiful elements that will make up your special day. When you’re planning a part of your wedding, like your wedding flowers, it can be helpful to keep that vision of your dream wedding in mind. This can help you to nail down a specific style and aesthetic that you love, making your wedding decisions a lot more cohesive and a lot easier. 

So, now that you’ve imagined your wedding, you’ve realized that you’re obsessed with a romantic wedding atmosphere. You love the idea of draped florals and fragrant roses framing your aisle, your altar, and your reception venue. Whether you’ve grown up obsessing over classic rom-coms or regency-era romances, make sure you find a way to incorporate your favorite romantic aesthetic into your wedding day. However, you might need a little help when it comes to ideas for your wedding flowers. Here are a few romantic wedding flower ideas that will help you to have the romantic style wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.

Types of Romantic Wedding Flowers highlights some of the most popular romantic wedding flowers that you’ve doubtlessly seen plastered all over Pinterest and Instagram. The delicate curving shapes and pastel shades of these flowers make them seem like they’re straight from a Jane Austen movie. Here are a few romantic wedding flowers that you should definitely keep in mind when you’re planning your floral arrangements: 

  • Ranunculus - Small to medium-sized blooms with tons of delicately layered petals that often grow in warm shades such as peach, orange, blush, and pink.
  • Wild Rose - Large flowers that are fuller and freer compared to their more traditional counterparts that are often seen in red rose bouquets. They also come in a smaller variant, similar to a wildflower.
  • Anemones - Flowers with delicate, open petals that surround a dramatic, dark center. They’re most popularly used in shades of white, cream, and blush, but they often grow in shades of blue, purple, and red.
  • Garden Roses - Often compared to peonies, these lush roses have many more layers of petals than standard roses. They add a beautiful fullness to any bouquet.
  • Flowering Blossom Branches - There are many different kinds of flowering blossom branches that can add great texture and height to your romantic flower arrangements. Many of them will be in season during springtime, like plum blossoms or cherry blossoms.
  • Orchids - If you have a bit of an exotic taste, orchids will be perfect for you. These blooms have intricately shaped petals with delicate pastel colors. A gentle waterfall of orchids can be the perfect addition to a romantic floral arrangement. 
  • Wood Flowers - These carefully formed blooms are made out of natural materials, such as tapioca root, and can be shaped to imitate any floral and dyed to match any shade. Choose from different romantic styles to match your desired wedding aesthetic. 

Remember, these are just a few of many options that you can choose from when you’re planning your romantic wedding flower arrangements. You truly can’t go wrong when you bring together these different romantic flowers with a bit of greenery and fluffy floral filling. A combination of these flowers will make the perfect wedding flowers for any bride!

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Romantic Wedding Floral Arrangements

Now that you’ve learned about a few of the different types of wedding flower ideas, it is time to start thinking about your floral arrangement needs. Depending on your personal style and preferences, you might have flowers intentionally placed throughout your space or covering almost every inch of your venue. There are lots of different ideas for wedding flower arrangements that you should keep in mind as you’re planning.

The Bridal Bouquet

You’ve probably put a good amount of thought into your bridal bouquet, since you’ll be holding it during your ceremony and reception, not to mention hundreds of wedding pictures. There are many different styles of bridal bouquets that you can choose from. However, if you’re trying to maintain your romantic vision for your wedding, the most popular styles of romantic wedding bouquets are oversized bouquets and cascading bouquets. Oversized bouquets are often oval-shaped and have lots of different varieties of height and texture, giving the bouquet a free, nonchalant feel. With an oversized bouquet, you’ll look like you’ve just come back from gathering wildflowers in a rustic setting. Cascading bouquets have a similar flowing effect. They are designed to look beautiful clasped in your hands and will flow down like a beautiful waterfall.

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Table Arrangements

Of course, the type of tables you’ll have at your wedding might affect your floral arrangements. If you’re going to have a variety of small tables, you might go for a full, overflowing bouquet placed in the middle of the table. This can give a simple, cohesive feel to your entire space. If you’re going to have long tables, you might opt for a long centerpiece of greenery and a smattering of flowers. You could also put simple, elegant candles in the middle of your table and put taller arrangements on the floor at each end of the table. Nobody wants to see bare tables at a wedding. Adding flowers to your decorations can make the entire environment feel romantic and well-planned. 

Ceremony Decorations

There are so many different floral decorations you can include for your wedding ceremony. If you’re going to have an archway at your altar, adding drooping floral arrangements can be a beautiful touch. If you’ll have a long aisle lined with chairs, consider placing floor arrangements by each row to frame your bridal aisle. You can even add smaller greenery bouquets to the backs of the chairs of your guests. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, choose romantic florals that will add to the beautiful outdoor environment.

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Wood Flowers and Dried Bouquets

If you want to have extensive floral arrangements at your wedding, but are trying to be budget-friendly, consider using an alternative to fresh flowers, such as wood flowers or dried bouquets. Wood flowers are designed to imitate the different varieties of fresh flowers, but they don’t wilt, and can be dyed to match any color scheme or shade. You can get long-lasting bouquets that are designed for you shipped right to you without having to worry about wilting!