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Crafting Made Easy with Sola Wood Flower Craft Supplies

Whenever you’re itching to get some inspiration for a new DIY craft or home decor piece, check out the Sola Wood Flower Craft Supplies collection. This collection has all of the craft supplies you’ll need to get started creating unique and trendy crafts. From floral vases and containers to floral wire to custom dye packs, these supplies will be the perfect addition to your purchase of wood flowers. These supplies will help you to create floral decorations that you’ll want to show off all year long. 

Creating with Wood Craft Supplies

First of all, Sola Wood Flowers has a collection of wood craft supplies that accompany their wood flower assortments. These wood craft supplies are an affordable and trendy craft solution that will help you to stage and show off your beautiful Sola Wood Flowers. 

Wood Container Supplies: A trendy variety of wood containers are available to help you to store and stage your Sola Wood Flower arrangements. Wood vases, centerpiece boxes, and wall vases are all custom built and dyed by designers to create trendy containers for your flowers. Whether your style is boho, rustic, farmhouse, or modern, you’ll be able to find the perfect container for your flowers.

Wood Decor Supplies: Also available are wood decor supplies, which are the perfect addition to a floral decor piece. This collection includes some unique container options such as wood drawer planters, wooden barrels, and more. There are also other wooden decor supplies that can help you to create unique home decor pieces with your Sola Wood Flowers. Make sure to check back here for the newest styles of the season! 

Adding Finishing Touches with Flower Craft Supplies 

So, you’ve just gathered together a handful of beautiful Sola Wood Flowers. You’ve got them all arranged perfectly in your hands…but where do you go from here? How do you finish your arrangement? With the help of Sola Wood Flowers flower craft supplies, you’ll finish your arrangement with ease. Here are a few flower craft supplies essentials that you’ll need when you’re working with Sola Wood Flowers:

FLORAL WIRE: Sola Wood Flowers custom cuts their 18 gauge floral wire to be the perfect size for an artificial stem. You can also use this floral wire to attach Sola Wood Flowers to archways, walls, or other floral installation bases. These floral wire stems are sold in packs of 10, 50, 100, or 200 to accommodate your floral arrangement-making needs. Just attach these wires to your flowers with some hot glue or super glue and you’ll be ready to go!

BOUQUET GRASS: Once you have your wire stems added to your flowers, you’ll notice that you need something more natural-looking to cover up all the floral wire. Sola Wood Flowers bouquet grass is the perfect solution! You can spread this 10 inch bouquet grass around the outside of a bouquet handle and give your arrangement a natural look. Each pack of bouquet grass contains enough grass to cover approximately one bouquet handle.

Other Flower Supplies: All of your other floral needs will be taken care of with the other floral supplies available through Sola Wood Flowers. These supplies include products such as bamboo sticks, bouquet supply packs, Sola Wood Flower softener, wreath forms, glue melting pots, protectant spray, floral foam blocks, centerpiece containers, planters, and more. A variety of dye bottles are also available. 

Customize Your Blooms with Flower Dye Packs 

If you’ve been shopping for raw Sola Wood Flowers, or undyed flowers, you should consider customizing your natural, raw flowers with some dye. These custom created dyes can be used to dye your Sola Wood Flowers into vibrant, beautiful shades. There are different color scheme packs that you can choose to create trendy floral arrangements. You can also buy a pack of basic colors and mix and match to create your perfect shade. Wondering how to dye Sola Wood Flowers? Check out this Youtube video for a step-by-step tutorial created by Sola Wood Flower experts. 

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