Scents for Sola Wood Flowers

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Do you want your sola wood flowers to smell as beautiful as they look? Purchase our fragrance oils and apply them directly to sola flowers for scents that last from 3-6 months.

There is enough oil in the vial to scent hundreds of flowers or reapply scent to a small order of flowers several times over. 

Each bottle is 4oz.

Berries & Chambord - A unique scent blending fresh berry fragrances with a hint of chambord.  

Clean Cotton - The scent of a soft blanket or fluffy towel coming out of the dryer. Rich warm base note soft amber and musk define the fruitier heart notes. 

Freshly Sliced Apples - Fresh, sweet apples.

Fresh Roses - Freshly harvested roses.

Lemongrass Sage - Fresh citrusy notes of lemongrass blended with sage. Earthy, yet clean. 

Ruby Red Grapefruit - Refreshing grapefruit.   

Stress Relief Eucalyptus - Fresh tea notes, and a naturally stress relieving eucalyptus accord. Sweet floral nuances, and a musky drydown round out this calming fragrance. 

Vanilla Bean - A classic and rich vanilla scent.

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Smells great!

These scents smell great with the sola flowers!