Green Plastic Stem Covers

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These realistic plastic stem covers are perfect for any Sola Wood Flower arrangement! The flexible plastic stem covers are a realistic way to display your wood flower arrangements. No more wire stems ruining the look of your bouquet or vase arrangement! 

These wire stem covers are great for single stems, glass jar arrangements, and bouquets! 

Stem covers come in 3 color options: Neutral Green, Dark Green & Light Green.

The bouquets pictured in the photos are in all 3 colors.

Measures approximately 18" in length. 

Stem covers are easily attached by sliding them over the wire stem. Attach with a bit of glue added to the base of the sola wood flower. 

This is not a craft kit or a finished product. The purchase of this product is for the stem covers only. The finished bouquet example photos are simply to show how the stem covers are used, and for inspiration. 

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Are you looking for stem covers to give your wood flower arrangement a more realistic look? If you’ve ever made a Sola Wood Flower arrangement before, you’ll know that our wood flowers are stemmed using Green Floral Wire and Bamboo Stems. While these stems are easy to attach and use, they don’t always have the most finished look. You can cover your bouquet stems with Bouquet Grass, but for a more realistic, professional option, try using these Green Plastic Stem Covers. With these stem covers, you won’t have to worry about wire stems ruining the aesthetic of your wood flower bouquet.

These Green Plastic Stem Covers give your bouquet a realistic look as you’re displaying your arrangement. The stem covers are flexible and easy to use, even if you don’t have a lot of floral design experience. These Green Plastic Stem Covers come in three different nature-inspired green shades including Neutral Green, Dark Green, and Light Green. With this variety of options, you can choose the green color that will work best with your floral arrangement color scheme! The stem covers measure approximately 18” to match the length of our wire stems.

You can easily attach these stem covers by sliding them up over the wire stem until they meet the base of the wood flower. To make sure the stem covers stay securely in place, you can add a little bit of hot glue to the base of the sola wood flower.

Please note that when you purchase this product, you’ll receive only the Green Plastic Stem Covers. You won’t receive any wire stems, bamboo stems, or sola wood flowers. The flowers pictured with this product are solely for example purposes.

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Diane Roberts
All (sy)Stems Go

I like how the stem covers give the bouquets a more realistic look of stems. They also give a nicer feel when hodling the bouqyet. I also have plenty left Alto use to create even more beautiful arrangements!

Susan Dickman
Good Stem Coverage

These stem covers were thick but not too thick. Great to cover the stems on my artificial flowers that I’m using in my granddaughter’s bridesmaids spiral bound bouquets. Looks natural!

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