3" Love Rose (10 Pack) - Sola Wood Flowers3" Love Rose (10 Pack) - Sola Wood Flowers
61% OFF

3" Love Rose (10 Pack)

$9.26 $23.68
7" Labyrinth Dahlia (10 Pack) - Sola Wood Flowers7" Labyrinth Dahlia (10 Pack) - Sola Wood Flowers
60% OFF

7" Labyrinth Dahlia (10 Pack)

$33.35 $83.38
2" Marigold (3 pack) - Sola Wood Flowers2" Marigold (3 pack) - Sola Wood Flowers
70% OFF

2" Marigold (3 pack)

$4.12 $13.79
2" Juliet (3 Pack) - Sola Wood Flowers2" Juliet (3 Pack) - Sola Wood Flowers
78% OFF

2" Juliet (3 Pack)

$3.08 $13.79
3" Juliet (3 Pack) - Sola Wood Flowers3" Juliet (3 Pack) - Sola Wood Flowers
60% OFF

3" Juliet (3 Pack)

$4.12 $10.29
2" Abigail (3 Pack) - Sola Wood Flowers2" Abigail (3 Pack) - Sola Wood Flowers
70% OFF

2" Abigail (3 Pack)

$4.12 $13.79
2" Clara (3 pack) - Sola Wood Flowers2" Clara (3 pack) - Sola Wood Flowers
70% OFF

2" Clara (3 pack)

$4.12 $13.79

Create Beautiful Arrangements with Sola Wood Flowers Assortments

If you’re looking for affordable, beautiful, flowers for your crafts, you’ve come to the right place. You can buy different assortments of flowers that range from 1 to 3 inches in size and can be dyed in a huge variety of trendy colors. An assortment of Sola Wood Flowers is perfect for your home decor projects, DIY wedding flowers, and all your floral decoration needs. 

DIY Projects with Sola Wood Flowers 

If crafting is your passion, Sola Wood Flowers are a must-have in your closet of craft supplies. Sola Wood Flowers are personalizable and come in packs of flower heads for quick and easy crafting. You can attach some floral wire to create a stemmed flower look, or you can glue the flower heads directly onto a craft for a fun floral pop. You can also dye your own wood flowers to achieve the perfect DIY color. There are many craft kits and tutorials to follow to help with your cute crafting projects. The DIY floral decoration possibilities are endless with any raw assortment pack.  

Save Big by Buying Bulk Wood Flowers

Do you have a large floral crafting project that you’re working on? No matter what kind of floral project you’re creating, buying wood flowers in bulk will be much more affordable than purchasing fresh flowers. We have many options when buying wood flowers in bulk, try one of our 400 random assortments or 1000 random assortment for your next project. Most of our raw assortment packs come in a variety of flower options in both bark and no bark. Whether you’re trying to create a floral wall or floral arch, Sola Wood Flowers will give your crafting project a unique and vibrant look that is Instagram-worthy. 

Personalize Your Own Raw Sola Wood Flowers

Our Sola Wood Flowers assortments are made up of raw flowers in both bark and no bark. Personalize your raw flowers by dying them in your favorite colors to get the perfect combination of colors for your crafting projects. 

Enjoy Beautifully Dyed Sola Wood Flowers  

If you don’t want to worry about dying your flowers, or are looking for pre-dyed options we have many different dyed assortments that you can choose from. Our dyed Sola Wood Flowers are composed of color schemes that are popular and trendy. Whether your color scheme consists of moody blues, traditional blush pinks, or boho terracotta and rust, you’ll be able to find a dyed assortment that will match your desired color palette. One of the best parts of using wood flowers is that you’ll get to enjoy a variety of vibrant and unique colors that aren’t available with fresh flowers. 

Sola Wood Flowers Vs Artificial Flowers

So what is the difference between Sola Wood Flowers and other artificial flowers? Sola Wood Flowers are made from natural wood-like plants that grow abundantly in nature, creating beautiful blooms that are more environmentally friendly and affordable than fresh and artificial flowers. Other artificial flowers use plastics that can be harmful to the environment. Even silk flowers can be expensive and harmful to the environment to produce. Wood flowers also stay looking fresh and beautiful for years to come if you dust them regularly and keep them from fading in direct sunlight. Silk flowers will only last a few uses before they start looking wilted and faded with stray threads and dingy smells. Wood flowers are priced so affordably, that you can buy all of the flowers you’ll need to create a show-stopping decoration. At the end of the day, wood flowers are affordable and customizable for any project including wedding flowers, DIY flower projects, and home decor.

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