100 Random Assortment (No Bark)

Are you having a hard time deciding which wood flowers to order? If you aren’t finding your ideal color scheme in our other flower assortments, you can create a customized assortment. Try out some of your favorite colors and designs by ordering this 100 Random Assortment for an incredibly affordable price.

You can order these barkless, realistic wood flowers in a raw shade, which means that they aren’t dyed and maintain their natural ivory color. If you want to try dying your own flowers, order our raw flowers and some wood flower dye to create a custom look. Check out this tutorial for some helpful tips on how to dye your wood flowers at home! If you want to order your 100 Random Assortment already dyed and colored, choose our Custom Dyed option. With this option, you’ll be able to choose the of your own dye colors and our professional floral designers will dye your flowers for you. Take a look at our dye color gallery to see what shades of dye we have available.

These beautiful crafting flowers will have a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes, lending themselves to easy crafting and creativity. Our wood flowers will range between 1 to 3 inches in size, and will reflect a variety of flower design types. Once you choose your dye colors, you’ll end up with a wood flower assortment that is totally unique and personalized for your crafting project!

Do you want flowers that are already softened for easy crafting? If so, choose our “Pre-Softened” option. These artificial wooden flowers have already been treated with our specialized Sola Softener, making them soft and pliable. You won’t have to worry about cracked or brittle flowers when you get our Pre-Softened damage-resistant flowers.