A Mermaid’s Kiss Assortment

Are you looking for a bright, unique wood flower assortment that is on-trend with floral styles this year? If so, this “A Mermaid’s Kiss Assortment” will be perfect for you. These mermaid-inspired colors will look stunning in many different types of floral arrangements and crafts. For example, these colors will be perfectly on-trend for the bright colors of upcoming spring and summer weddings. These beautiful pastel colors would also be perfect for a gender reveal party, baby shower, or nursery decoration. No matter what you choose to do with these bright, trendy blooms, your wood flower craft or arrangement will turn out beautiful.

These dyed flower heads come stemless to make your crafting easy. You can easily glue these flowers to any sign, centerpiece, craft, or accessory for a beautiful look. If you want to stem the flowers in this assortment, shop our Green Floral Wire or Bamboo Stems, which you can easily attach to your wood flowers with a dab of hot glue. You can cover up those stems with some realistic-looking Bouquet Grass for a pretty, finished look. For help on how to stem your wood flowers, check out this tutorial. The dye colors used in A Mermaid’s Kiss Assortment are Stone Blue, Brue Spruce, Powder Pink, and Rosewood.

You can order this gorgeous assortment in a variety of sizes to facilitate your floral crafting needs. This A Mermaid’s Kiss Assortment comes in 25-pack, 50-pack, 100-pack, and 200-pack sizes. So, whether you need a ton of flowers for a floral installation or a few flowers for a small arrangement, you’ll have what you need. While the flowers you receive may look exactly like the ones pictured here, they’ll be dyed using the same dye colors and the number of wood flowers that you receive will remain the same.