Baby’s Breath White Sparkle

Baby’s Breath is one of the most popular floral fillers of all time for its delicate flowers, whimsical shape, and gorgeous volume. Just when you thought Baby’s Breath could never get any better, Sola Wood Flowers added just a hint of sparkle to these magical white flowers. Now, this baby’s breath can add a little bit of sparkle and shine to your wood flower arrangements as well as extra texture, color, and volume.

Floral filler can help to give a finished touch to any floral arrangement, bouquet, or floral craft. They can add more color and texture variation as well as greater depth and dimension. You can easily work small pieces of Baby’s Breath into different parts of your arrangement to break up the look of large wood flowers. If you feel like your bouquet or floral arrangement is falling a little bit flat, add some Baby’s Breath for a finished, professional look.

The Baby’s Breath stems have been left long for easy crafting purposes. You can cut down these stems to add this floral filler to a smaller craft, such as a corsage, boutonniere, or centerpiece. Otherwise, this Baby’s Breath should be in perfect shape to be added to any wood flower bouquet. This sparkling Baby’s Breath bunch weighs approximately 4 ounces. It has been carefully dried and preserved to last forever in its beautiful preserved form. There is no better floral filler to use with your gorgeous wood flowers.

When you order Baby’s Breath (White Sparkle), you’ll only be receiving the floral filler Baby’s Breath. The pictures shown with flowers and other products are for example purchases only.