Bamboo Stems

Are you trying to stock up on supplies to make your floral arrangement-making? These bamboo stems will be one essential supply that will make your creative process significantly easier. These stems measure 12” long and can easily stabilize any kind of floral arrangement, such as a bouquet, wreath, or centerpiece. These bamboo stems could also be an essential part of a scent diffuser made with Sola Wood Flowers. You’ll find endless useful functions for these bamboo stems when you’re creating floral arrangements with Sola Wood Flowers.

If you’re looking to make a flower bouquet or floral arrangement, these bamboo stems will definitely come in handy. Make sure to check out one of our bouquet-making tutorial for some helpful tips! One end of the stem is narrowed and sharpened to make them easy to stick into floral foam. You can also easily attach them to any of our wood flower varieties by using a dab of hot glue. Click here for a video tutorial on how to stem our customized wood flowers with bamboo stems or Green Floral Wire. Once your flowers are securely stemmed, you can cover up your stems with our Green Plastic Stem Covers or Bouquet Grass.

These handy bamboo stems come in a variety of pack sizes to make crafting convenient and easy for you. You can shop our 10-pack, 50-pack, 100-pack, and 200-pack sizes according to your crafting needs. These bamboo stems are also created in a way that makes them easy to cut to size and craft with. The floral possibilities are endless when you add these stems to your supply closet!