Beginner Bundles (Multiple Options)

Are you just getting started with Sola Wood Flowers? These Beginner Bundles are one of the best products to buy when you’re experimenting with different kinds of wood flowers. This kit will help you to try dying, softening, and stemming your wood flowers, which are all important skills to have when you’re arranging wood flowers.

We have three different varieties of Beginner Bundles available. Assortment 1 includes some skin wood flowers(flowers with natural brown bark details) and some skinless wood flowers. Assortment 2 includes a few different styles of raw(white) skinless wood flowers. Assortment 3 similarly contains raw skinless flowers but the wood flowers come in different styles and sizes. Choose which assortment you love most and soon, you’ll be able to get started crafting!

When you’re ordering your Beginner Bundle, you’ll be able to choose three different dye colors to customize your bundle. You can create your own color scheme to match the unique floral vision that you have. With 50+ trendy colors to choose from, you’ll surely find something that you love. Click here to check out our dye color gallery!

Your Beginner Bundle Kit will include:

  • 30 Sola Wood Flowers (flowers vary based on which assortment you choose)
  • Bamboo Stems
  • Wire Stems
  • Glue Sample
  • 3 - 1oz Bottle of Wood Flower Dye (choose your color)
  • Sola Softener
When you’re ordering your Beginner Bundle, don’t forget to choose our Sola Softener! Sola Softener is a specialized treatment that our floral designers use to soften and preserve our wood flowers, and you can order it to do an at-home treatment on your flowers. Treating your flowers with Sola Softener will help them to be soft, flexible, and damage-resistant, which will help them to look beautiful forever. For a tutorial on how to treat your wood flowers with Sola Softener, check out this article.