Bluegreen Garden Assortment

Are you looking for a unique assortment of bold-colored wood flowers for your craft project? If so, this Bluegreen Garden Assortment would be perfect for you. The natural beauty of wildflowers in the outdoors is truly captured in this Bluegreen Garden Assortment. This color palette is inspired by some of the biggest current trends in floral design and wedding flowers. It includes vibrant blues and greens paired with a romantic blush pink. The dye colors used in this assortment include Grey Goat Blue, Stone Blue, Peachy Pink, and Avocado. No matter what you use these wood flowers for, your artificial flower bouquet, assortment, or decoration will be stunning.

Are you wondering which options to choose when ordering? This Bluegreen Garden Assortment comes in two sizes: a 25-flower pack and a 50-flower pack. Choose the assortment size depending on the size of your flower project. No matter what your crafting needs are, you’ll be able to find an assortment size that works for you. You can also choose “Pre-Softened Flowers.” This means that our floral designers will soften your wood flowers with our Sola Softener. This will make your flowers flexible, soft, and damage-resistant, not to mention much more realistic. Make sure that you select this option to have long-lasting wood flowers!

This Bluegreen Garden Assortment includes wood flower heads that come unstemmed for easy crafting. To purchase stems, check out our Bamboo Stems or Green Floral Wire Stems. You can easily stem your wood flowers by attaching the stems with a dab of hot glue. Check out this video tutorial for a step-by-step example! Also, please note that the wood flowers that you receive might not appear exactly as pictured. Every flower is handmade and dyed, which creates variation and uniqueness in all wood flowers.