Bouquet Grass

If you’ve been shopping our Sola Wood Flower assortments or bouquet craft kits, you’ll know that you can create gorgeous, customized bouquets and arrangements with wood flowers. However, to have an extra realistic look, you’ll want to cover the Floral Wire Stems or Bamboo Stems of your arrangements with some of our custom Bouquet Grass. This bouquet grass will make your wood flower bouquet look like they have real, fresh, green stems. When you attach one of our wood flower heads to a wire or bamboo stem, they won’t look quite finished until you cover them up with some of our Bouquet Grass.

This Bouquet Grass measures approximately 10” in length to perfectly cover the length of our wire and bamboo stems. One order of Bouquet Grass will cover one bouquet handle, so if you’re creating multiple bouquets, make sure to order a few bunches. This Bouquet Grass will help to fully cover the exposed stems and give your bouquet a full, realistic look. There is no better finishing touch to add to your bouquet than this Bouquet Grass! Then, tie off your bouquet with some ribbon or twine to keep everything securely in place. This will give your Sola Wood Flower Bouquet the perfect finished touch.

If you’re making a customized bouquet with our Sola Wood Flowers, keep in mind that you can also use our Green Plastic Stem Covers. These Stem covers will nicely cover the exposed wire or bouquet stems attached to your wood flower heads. If you’re trying to achieve a realistic look for your wood flower bouquets or arrangements, you’ll love how either of these options look.