Dark Desire Assortment

Are you looking for some artificial flowers that are moody, romantic, unique, and realistic-looking? If so, look no further. Our Dark Desire Assortment from Sola Wood Flowers will be absolutely perfect for you. The Dark Desire Assortment includes a variety of flower styles in gorgeous colors of navy, rose, wine, purple, and maroon. These colors could be perfect for a Valentine’s Day arrangement, a winter wedding, or any romantic gift. This assortment of stylish, sensual flowers will make your floral arrangements and crafts look professional and trendy.

This Dark Desire Assortment is made of wood flowers that have been professionally shaped, dyed, and arranged by our floral designers. You’ll receive the perfect arrangement that will match your color scheme and vision for your romantic floral project. Whether you’re going to be creating a small floral decoration, medium-sized bouquet, or large floral installation, this Dark Desire Assortment will be perfect for you. It comes in a variety of sizes, including 25 flower packs, 50 flower packs, 100 flower packs, and 200 flower packs. So, you can choose the size that will be perfect for your floral needs and still get an amazing, affordable price.

These wood flower heads do not have any stems attached to them to make your crafting extra easy. You can easily add these gorgeous flowers to a sign, wreath, or decoration without having to cut off any stems. If you do want to attach stems to your flowers to make a pretty bouquet, simply use our Green Floral Wire and Bouquet Grass for a realistic, stunning look. Attach these pieces with some hot glue, and you’ll have gorgeous, stemmed flowers that will look perfect in a floral bouquet or arrangement. Check out this video for a tutorial and some tips on the process of stemming your Sola Wood Flowers.