Green Floral Wire - 18 Gauge

Have you ever started a floral project, such as a wreath, decoration, or arrangement only to realize that you need some floral wire? If so, this is the perfect floral wire for you. This Green Floral Wire is one of the most essential crafting supplies that you can have when you like crafting with artificial flowers like Sola Wood Flowers. This green craft wire can help you to make stunning, realistic floral arrangements that will last forever. 

This convenient floral wire comes in a variety of pack sizes to make your crafting easier. You can buy this Green Floral Wire in a pack of 10, 50, 100, or 200 wire pieces. The wire pieces are made with 18 gauge stem wire formed from green aluminum. This means that our floral wire can help you to put together large floral arrangements in a strong, secure way. You can even make a huge floral installation, such as a floral arch, with this floral wire. The large gauge number means that the wire is also thin and manageable for more detailed products. For example, this wire for flowers is also light and delicate enough to be used as stem wire in small bouquets.

When you’re working with our Green Floral Wire, you can create all sorts of memorable and beautiful arrangements. If you’ve recently shopped our flower packs, you can easily add stems to your wooden blooms by using Green Floral Wire. Just grab some hot glue and attach the wire securely to the base of your wood flower head with a dab of glue. Soon, you’ll have a stunning DIY bouquet made of artificial flowers!