Mini Flower Assortment (No Bark)

Have you ever wished that you had some tiny, delicate flowers to add to a floral arrangement or decoration but struggled to find the perfect mini flowers? Many miniature artificial flowers can look extra cheap and fake. Luckily, these gorgeous wood flowers have been created to look beautiful and realistic while still being miniature. In this Mini Flower Assortment pack, you’ll receive a variety of our mini wood flowers in a number of different styles and designs.

This Mini Flower Assortment pack will include 50 of our best miniature flowers. The flower type may vary from the flowers pictured, but the style and number of your wood flowers will remain the same. The flowers included in this Mini Flower Assortment are skinless, meaning that they don’t come with any brown rough bark details. Instead, they’re colored entirely in a natural, creamy ivory color. The flowers in this pack will measure between 1” and 1.5”.

No matter what you use these mini flowers for, they’ll look adorable and perfect. You could use them to create a child’s flower crown. They could also add a nice size variety to a floral arrangement that is overpowered with large blooms. You could even use these wood flowers to create a beautiful wall hanging. Do you love the size and look of these flowers but not the color? That is because these wood flowers haven’t been dyed and instead come in their natural ivory/white color. Check out our dye color gallery to see some of the wood dye shades that we have available. Shop our wood flower dye and follow this tutorial to dye these little blooms to the perfect color! Soon, you’ll have your perfect, mini flowers in the custom color that you’ve dreamed of!