Preserved Ruscus - White

This gorgeous White Preserved Ruscus will be a great addition to any wood flower arrangement or craft. The delicate texture and neutral color of this Preserved Ruscus make it perfect for any kind of floral arrangement. Add this white Preserved Ruscus to a pastel, overflowing bridal bouquet for the perfect wedding look. Or if you're trying to make a trendy, Instagram-worthy centerpiece, add this Preserved Ruscus to some neutral-colored dried fillers and wood flowers for stunning results. You could even make a winter-wonderland-themed arrangement with this White Preserved Ruscus and other white, cream, and silver flowers. Truly, the possibilities are endless when you have such a beautiful floral filler in your wood flower supply closet.

Have you ever created a wood flower arrangement that felt like it was missing a final touch? If so, you were probably missing the addition of some floral fillers and greenery. If you don’t use floral fillers in your arrangements, like this Preserved Ruscus, your arrangements will feel too stiff and structured. Floral filler can help to add some free-flowing shapes, unique colors, and delicate textures to any floral arrangement. The depth, dimension, and layers that floral fillers add to a wood flower arrangement are essential if you’re trying to create a beautiful, professional-looking arrangement. Whether you’re creating boutonnieres, centerpieces, corsages, bouquets, or home decor, this White Preserved Ruscus will elevate your floral craft to the next level.

This White Preserved Ruscus has been carefully dried and preserved and may be slightly pokey or spikey. Please wear gloves when handling to avoid being scratched. Each bunch of Preserved Ruscus weighs approximately 1.3 ounces.