Satin Washed Eucalyptus - Blue Sky

This Satin Washed Eucalyptus in the color of Blue Sky is one of our most popular products. Eucalyptus is an ideal floral filler for any wood flower arrangement because of the trendy, natural touch that it adds. No matter what type of floral arrangement you’re creating, this Satin Washed Eucalyptus will be the perfect finishing touch. Whether you’re a crafter, professional florist, or flower lover on a budget, you’ll love to have this Satin Washed Eucalyptus in your floral supply closet.

Are you wondering how you would use this Satin Washed Eucalyptus in a floral arrangement? You could create a green, nature-inspired garland or wreath of greenery using some other types of our preserved or artificial filler and greenery. You could also add this Eucalyptus to a wood flower bouquet for a fuller, more voluminous result. Your wedding corsages, boutonnieres, and smaller floral creations will look stunning when you add some Eucalyptus. Any floral decoration or installation will only be improved by the addition of this Satin Washed Eucalyptus in the color Blue Sky. This Eucalpytus is dyed in one of the most attractive colors that will look great with almost any color scheme. Just look at our example pictures to see how wonderful it looks! You can even just arrange this Satin Washed Eucalyptus by itself with your home decor for a natural, aesthetically-pleasing look.

This bunch of Satin Washed Eucalyptus comes in the dyed color of Blue Sky. It contains approximately 8.8 oz of Eucalpytus sprigs. Please note that the pictures that show wood flowers paired with this Satin Washed Eucalyptus are purely for example purposes. You’ll only receive Satin Washed Eucalyptus by ordering this product. To order wood flowers separately, shop our Sola Wood Flowers assortments and collections.