Sola Wood Flower Basics Tutorial

Find out How to Dye, Stem, Fluff and Scent
Your Sola Wood Flowers

Crafting Guide with Sola Wood Flowers

Take a look at the basic steps when it comes to the Sola Wood Flower crafting journey
so you can get started creating everlasting flower bouquets, home decor and centerpieces


Dye your Sola Wood Flowers in a variety of colors to use in unique color combinations.


Have your Sola Wood Flowers gone wonky? You can easily get them looking fabulous again.


Make your Sola Wood Flowers smell define, just like the real thing without the expiry date.


Stemming your Sola Wood Flowers are quick and easy and can be used in all kinds of art and crafts projects.

Create Beautiful Art and Decor Pieces

From bouquets, centerpieces, wall decor and more!

Dye Your Flowers Tutorial

To get your raw flowers the perfect color you can dye them with any one of our wood dye colors available on the website.
Here is a hands-on demonstration of how you can dye your Sola Wood Flowers:

Check out our flower dye kits, raw flower assortments and wood flower dyes

Bouquet Tutorial

Creating and arranging your own wooden flower bouquet not only allows you to customize the colors, flowers and positioning

but it is also so much fun! Here is a hands-on demonstration of how you can create a bouquet with one of our bouquet kits:

DIY Floral Arts and Crafts

Now that you know the basics, what are you waiting for?

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Happy Customers

"Flowers were exactly what I needed to do display pieces for a local synagogue`s High Holiday services. They were a big hit."

Jonathan Chesler


"My flowers are beautiful colors.they came in a sturdy box so no damage and fast shipping, can’t wait to use them."

Joyce Scola


"It's a perfect alternative to real flowers, coming in all kinds of colors and sizes and styles. It was also an amazing deal."

Christina Banister


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