Have A Breath-Taking Wedding with
Lifelike Wood Flowers!

Your wedding should tell a wonderful unique story, and our flowers help you do just that.

Have A Breath-Taking Wedding with
Lifelike Wood Flowers!

Your wedding should tell a wonderful unique story, and our flowers help you do just that.

Craft Your Way To
Financial Freedom

Craft Your Way To
Financial Freedom

Support your family on your own schedule by crafting and selling Sola Wood Flowers.

Looking for a sustainable way to support your family? Get crafty with Sola Wood Flowers!

Craft Your Way To
Financial Freedom

Craft Your Way To
Financial Freedom

Support your family on your own schedule by crafting and selling Sola Wood Flowers.

Support your family on your own schedule by crafting and selling Sola Wood Flowers.

What are Sola Wood Flowers?

Flowers made of wood? Yes, you read that correctly. Sola Wood Flowers are not your typical flowers, rather they are blooming with creativity and something really special. These wood flowers are made from crafty hands. Who would have thought that from simple planted tapioca roots, will spring such a striking masterpiece to grace first dates, first dance, proposal, wedding, and other memorable stories in one’s life?

Once the bark is removed, the inside part of the roots will be scraped into thin sheets, softened, and shaped to become aesthetic and dazzling-looking wood flowers. Due to its authenticity, longevity, and durability, Sola Wood Flowers are setting a new trend in the floristry business, becoming one of the most sought as flower arrangements and decorations. Not only are these handmade sola wood flowers beautiful, but they are also affordable and sustainable.

These crafts are perfect for decorations at your wedding either as centerpieces, bouquets, or any other lovely accents.

Wood flowers can easily be reshaped, stemmed, have colors added, and also scents! They will give a more personal touch on your flower arrangements, making it perfect to retell who you are and your story.

Why Are Sola Wood Flowers Perfect for your Wedding?

If you are searching for gorgeous-looking blooms for your wedding, do not hesitate to use these unique wooden flowers offered by Sola Wood Flowers. Impressive in style and manner, Sola Wood Flowers is the perfect choice. They look exactly like real flowers and could make a perfect decoration for your big day.


Why choose Sola Wood Flowers for your wedding? There are many reasons, here are a few:



One interesting advantage of using sola wood flowers is that they are eco-friendly. Made from tapioca roots, which are considered a renewable resource, purchasing sola wood flowers is a wise choice as it is healthy for the environment.

Aside from this, the boxes and materials in every sola wood flower kit can be reused. No purchase wasted. Also, it is a sustainable wedding option because you can also use these flowers as home or office accents.

If you like your wedding to be waste-free, practical, and eco-friendly without compromising the essence and the beauty of your dream wedding, Sola Wood Flowers is perfect for you! .



Great things do not always cost much and wood flowers are a great testament to that. Aside from being eco-friendly, sola wood flowers are also friendly to your pocket

They are perfect for your wedding because they offer the best value for your money. You can dye these flowers to match the color motif of your wedding. They can also be reused and resold. The quality of these flowers matches the quality of the faux and even real flowers sold in the market.

Sola Wood Flowers can truly be a perfect addition to your perfect wedding

Before uttering your sweetest “I do” at the altar, allow Sola Flowers to hear it first. We would be very much delighted to be part of your next journey. Hurry! Check out the great bouquet kits and bundles offered perfectly for your special day.



Wood flowers look exactly like real flowers but one interesting fact which differentiates them from real flowers is that they never wilt or die.

Take note that it is a lot easier to maintain wood flowers than real flowers. You will not invest so much time watering them. All you need to do is dust them off and ensure that it gets a sufficient amount of light it needs,

If you will use them at your wedding, you will not worry if these flowers are still fresh and adorable on your special day because they will always be. Same with your lasting love for each other, I’m sure that our flowers will also last long enough to join you as you continue

your journey together. With proper care, Sola Wood Flowers appear just like the same five or ten years after its purchase


"So excited to show these beautiful flowers off at my wedding! Can’t wait to tell all my guests to take some flowers with them at the end so that they. Can keep a part of the special day with them forever more."

Megan Killeen

"I started ordering raw flowers and some dye to use for my upcoming wedding in 2022 and I absolutely fell in love!! The flowers have been in great condition when I get them and they are so unique and different. The ones I have dyed already - people can't even tell the difference if they are real or not! I am so excited to use them at my wedding for table decor and other decorations around the venue. But I highly recommend because the prices are perfect and you can definitely save money on wedding flowers with their options. The best part is all the color choices as well, I found each of my colors and they match perfectly! I will be a Sola Wood Flower person for life and will definitely be ordering more!"

Cara Lichtenfels

"I could not be happy with Sola flowers for my wedding. I saved SO much money, and truthfully I think they look even better than the real thing. Best part—I can keep it forever."

Brooke Ann

"Absolutely love the flowers, so fun to craft with! They will be beautiful at my wedding ceremony in January and at the reception in July! So blessed to have these flowers that will last through the Covid crazy times!"

Jenn Johnson

"I bought the pack of 1000 for my wedding and I literally can’t tell the difference between these and real flowers! I got my bridesmaids together to dye them all one night and they look perfect! I used them for my bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony alter arch, and a photo booth. Would recommend to brides everywhere looking for an affordable option for wedding florals!"

Katelyn Dowden


How many flowers will I need to make a bouquet?

Ideally, 20 flowers would make a small bouquet and around 35 flowers would be considered a large arrangement. Depending on your design choice, you could use fewer flowers for your bouquets with many fillers. But for a more flowy and cascading bouquet design, you’ll definitely need more of our flowers to be part of your wedding day.

What would be the suggested bouquet’s dimensions for a bride and bridesmaids?

These are the measurements that you may want to achieve but not required.

Large (35 Flowers)

Height: 16’’

Diameter: 10’’


Small (20 Flowers)

Height: 12’’

Diameter: 7’’

Do you have video tutorials on how to make bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces?

Surely, we have made step by step tutorials readily available to you, just search our Sola School or reach out to our customer service team and we will point you in the right direction.

When would be the best time to make a purchase? (for weddings that will be held one to two years from now)

So here's the great news! Because our product is eco-friendly and sustainable you can purchase your flowers now and craft and store them for when you are ready, even if it's next year! Also, in the sad case your wedding gets delayed... your flowers still stay amazing and ready for you at anytime. So the best time to buy is NOW!


We've got you Covered

If you are not 100% happy with the quality of your flowers, let us know do everything we can to make it right. We know it's your special day, and you shouldn't have to worry.